Friday, 4 October 2019

Hey Guys
Posting New Proof Of The Day - 04 - OCTOBER 2019

Note :
Please Do Not Message me if you have trust issues 
i do what i mention , after my work do not ask me to make it available the transfer then you gona send the money my work is clean end pure legit if i am scam i will ask for money first i do not gave you any thing upfront , i do my work 90% complete upfront the 10% remain work i will gave you after payments

Read How We Do it End How We Prooceed

Minimum 1000$ / 190$
Maximum 12000$ /

Dealing Contacts :
1 .
2 .
3 . ICQ : 748458296


  1. brother i am from your icq chat room please bro i wana do the transaction last time i didnt have the money with me butt now i am ready please bro gave me a chance i will never waste your time again please forgive me

    1. well am sorry to say
      we do not forgive if some one waste our time becues time is important we will not deal with you anymore please search for some one else


  2. man my all crew is vouch for you i wana try your service 1000$,190$