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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Admin Page Vulnerability | Hacking Credit Card [P2]

Here is the second part of Hacking Credit Card . Another easy & working Exploit .

Step By Step Guide :~#
  • Go to Google & type this Dork  -  inurl:\"/cart.php?m=\"
  • After that the Target URL will look like - (Demo) .
  • Then now we will find the admin page & hack into the website so we will modify the URL to find the Admin page 

Now you will be asked username & password so write this -
Username - 'or'1'='1
Password - 'or'1'='1

So as you all know that its will contain many credit card details as its a shopping site !But remember you can go behind the bars for this . Its a big Crime .We have provided this Tutorial to make all of you aware of such hacks .


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