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Friday, May 29, 2015

Amazon Refund Method [Working]

Hey guys, this is a pretty detailed guide on seeing amazon with the most known method to man! This method can be done by anyone

This is mainly for those noobies who have no idea what to do!


The basic's of the method are:
I received my package but there was no item inside.

I have learned amazon's ways of checking security systems and bypassing millions of questions.

First go to this link and select:

You then select PLACED AN ORDER and specify which order you made.

Now Quote This as Complain:

Hi I just received my package from amazon. The package was received in perfect condition. There were no scratches, marks, dents or physical damage to the package. The package was still sealed by amazon nobody else opened it. I opened the package only to find that there was no item inside or there was only (one item inside).

Why and how does this work all the time you may ask?

I have passed amazon security tests by mentioning things in the quote above. That it is not damaged, still sealed, received packaged etc.

Tips, Tricks & other hints:

- Items must be shipped and sold by amazon.
- Do not over do it, like 5 refunds in one month. Make sure you have mixed legit orders with refunds! (Thanks Gosu)
- Order a cheap book and say the book was received but the item you want for free was not.
- Order any shipping speed (it will be refunded also)


  1. Hey will this work for only amazon fulfilled items or seller fulfilled items?