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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hey guys, it has been a while that i haven't update this blog. Been very busy lately. Okay, lets say if you found some credit card info, but doesn't have CVV number. But, theres still a chance to use the credit card. You need to find a site that doesn't required CVV to purchase the item. Example of the sites that does not required CVV are AmazonFishpond,VistaprintVictoriaStreet and more.

Before we proceed to the tutorial, you will need to have these information:

  • Name on Card
  • Credit Card Number
  • Expiration Date
1- First of all. go to the site you wanna go shop, in my case, I will use

2- Make a new account 

3- You will be redirected to the registration page. Now, open in a new tab. And generate a new ID

4- Click to activate your email and you will be redirected to your email inbox


5- Now use all the details as your account info at Amazon

6- Click on Create account, and you will rediected to the home page of Amazon.

7- Now, search anything you wanna buy and click Add to Cart > Proceed to Checkout

 8- Alright, now, you need to enter the information of the buyer(you), the address is where the item will be sent. Once you have filled all the information, click on Continue to proceed.

9- The site asked you to select the payment method. Easily fill in the Name on Card,Card Number, and Expiration Date. Click on Add Card

10- Click on Continue

11- Click on Place your Order

12- Amazon will send you an email if the item is purchased successfully.


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