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Friday, May 29, 2015


Hey, guys! In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to cashout credit cards to Perfect Money so that you can buy more cards, VPNs, and socks. 

Things you'll need:
-a good credit card (preferably bought from a cc store)
-a good proxy, socks5 or RDP suitable with the cards info
-at least a little bit of knowledge about the terms said above

Turn on your sock/proxy/RDP, and make a PP account.
Add the CC to your PP account, and go to and make an account there. Put up the amount of PM you think your credit card can accept (This is the part where you need to do some research). Find out the card type and the generic limits on the card. If you have true fullz, call up the customer support, say you're calling from a friends phone, and ask to set your limit to the max limit you can transfer with your current PP account
Exchange into PM!
Make sure you make new account, and use the PM that you made to buy new equipment and stuff.


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