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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cpanel Cracking Tutorial

Hi guys sorry for such a long Gap !, actually i was on a break so finally i'm back with fresh tutorials . Hope you all will enjoy it .

Things Required :-

  • Shelled site
  • Cpanel Password Cracker (shell)

Step By Step Tutorial :-
  • First open you shell & upload the cpanel password cracker shell . Download the Cpanel password cracker shell from Here .
  • Then go down & click on User .

  • Now after you have clicked on User, below you will get all the usernames of the Cpanel . So now move to next step, your next step will be to get a good Password list for a Dictionary attack . After getting it you have to copy the username & paste it in the username block (above) & paste the password list in the password block .Then finally click on start .

Tip: Password list should be short & effective .

  • After the cracking is finished, in the next page you will see the result . 

  • After Getting the login info you can login by going -> . Here you will get the cpanel login area .

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