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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Hack RDP /VPS with Dubrute 2.2 + VNC scanner

download VNC Scanner: For it's amazing speed. (Please note it only scans ip ranges)
download DUBrute 2.2: For its amazing stability.

I don't recommend to buy a Bruter, I have bought BruterX for $25 and they are not very stable and don't work on all OS. DUBrute is your best bet.

Before we start let me tell you the easiest RDP's to crack are the Brazilian ones.

First you will have to install Nmap and then run the scanner.bat. Wait till you get 30 ip's which should take roughly 10 minutes and go to this site:
Input a max of 30 ips and it will tell you the location of all of them. Choose one that suits what country your looking for.

Now that you have found an ip with your desired country, open VNC Scanner GUI.
Say if your ip is, input it into VNC Scanner like this and click start.

Once you have found a decent amount of ips, recommended 1-5k close the .bat and click Start Parser.
Now if you open your VNC Scanner folder up you will see a .txt called IPs.
Open it up and you got your ip's with port 3389 open. (Default port for RDP's)

Now your ready to start BruteForcing them. :)

Open DUBrute 2.2 and click config and make sure it looks like mine. Change the thread depending to your internet connection. (I used 350 thread ~ 300+ download and upload speed for my internet)
So I'd recommend 50 thread for the average internet.

Now click Generation and insert your ip's, usernames and passwords and click Make.

Now exit the Generation and click start. Like I said try Brazilian IP's as they have the most success rate. I personally crack over 30 RDP's a day, and now you can too.



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