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Thursday, May 28, 2015

How to Hack Websites Using Android Mobile Phones

Hello everyone, today I will be teaching you how to hack a website using your android phones. Surprised and you might be thinking how's it possible to hack using your android mobile phone. Mostly 70% of the websites which are defaced by the hackers are done using the most common vulnerability i.e. SQL Injection.

We will be using an application called DroidSQLi to hack SQL injection vulnerable websites with our phone. So all we need are 3 things.
1.) DroidSQLi application installed on our android phone
2.) SQLi vulnerable website
3.) and obviously an android phone.

Let's get started, first of all download DroidSQLi Tool. It is an first automated SQL Injection exploitation tool for mobile phones. It supports the following type of injections.

Union Based Injection
Blind Injectin
Error Based Injection
Time Based Injection

All you need to do is enter the vulnerable website under Target URL and press on inject button. It will automatically select the best possible injection.


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