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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How To Protect Wifi Network From Hackers

Today billions of people are using their personal wifi networks at their home and at their work places. But many people claims that their wifi network speed get slows suddenly or their wifi being hacked. There can be many reason behind it that i will discuss in this post.Many of people think that only a just simple password is sufficient to secure their wifi networks,but actually this is totally wrong because today a neginner hacker can easily hack your wifi password.So there must be some extra security to secure your wifi networks. So below are the methods to Protect Wifi Network From HackersJust implement these method and you will be all secure from wifi hacking attacks.

How To Protect Wifi Network From Hackers

How To Protect Wifi Network From Hackers
How To Protect Wifi Network From Hackers
The below method will works in your router settings page which you can open by enteringipconfig command in cmd of your computer and then checking the default gateway addressfor exp:- .Now open this address in your computer browser and enter the login id and password of your wifi modem.

Steps to Protect Wi-Fi Connection

  1. Set Strong Password-First of all open your router setting page by your default gatewayof your network and then create a unique or different password for your router so that nobody else can use your router setting and access your network.
  2. Change Network SSID-Now change your network SSID name as every router come with a defualt name i.e “default” this you can do by going in wirless basic setting page in yourrouters setting and then rename it.
  3. Network Encryption-Now the most important thing,enable network encryption as many of ours used to use no encryption this no good habbit , always set a network encryption to your router more secure and Wep is atleast minimum requirement to secure your network.
  4. Filter Mac Addresses-Now in this step you will filter your MAC address to do this first of all make a list of all hardware devices that you want to connect and get there mac address and add them to mac address filtering in your router administration page you can get the mac address of any devices under the settings of their network.
  5. Wifi Signal Range-If your wifi signal is very much strong and you use wifi only in short area then you should reduce your wifi signal range of your router. So to do so change the mode of your router to 802.11g inplace of 802.11n or 802.11b .
  6. Upgrade Firmware Of Router-To fully secure your wifi network this step is very much important. Upgrade the firmware of your router if available in the dashboard of router settings.
How To Protect Wifi Network From Hackers – So above are the best steps to Secure your personal wifi network from an unouthorised access. By applying all these you will get fullyprotected from wifi hacking attacks by the hackers and you can enjoy the full speed of your wifi network. Don’t forget to share this helpful post.Leave a comment below, if you face any problem at any step.


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