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Friday, May 29, 2015

Method to cash $100 from cvv Online

How to get ~100$ from CVV online

Hi, for this method, you will need these:

1. Clean socks/VPN from the US
2. Good valid CVVs
3. Access to VCC (virtual credit cards), need many.
4. Paypal with bank attached to cash out
In this method, we will be exploiting the site, what they do is they buy
gift cards for over 75-80% of its face value and they resell them in less than 2 days to
other people.

Here are some simple steps I have written that you can follow to start cashing out your
1. Find VCC seller and attach 1 vcc to 1 paypal you created (memorize address you
put for each account or save it). Make around 20 accounts if you want big
money. 5 is okay too, you will make the money back to get more in less than 3
2. Find CVV seller, buy ONLY US. Also, get clean Socks.
3. Go to, and on the left, you can choose to “Sell Gift Card”, so
click on that. Now you can either sell to them with mail or get instant funding in
Paypal. So click on “Instant Funding – Paypal” and a popup should come out.
4. Look at list of stores that PlasticJungle buys from and order Electronic Gift Cards
from all the sites above.
5. Use your CVV + Clean socks to order the gift cards to an email.
6. When you receive the E-Gfit Card, copy+paste the number + PIN in the
PlasticJungle “Instant Funding” and it should now ask you for Paypal CC card
number (VCC that you used) and address (why I tell you to memorize it).
7. They give you Paypal funding INSTANT, so make sure you have one to cashout
8. Now you can repeat all these steps (order 10 per hour if you want or more) to
cashout more Eletronic Gift cards.
- MAX buy 50$ gift card, because over that, the store usually asks for call-in
- They only sell 50$ max to 1 paypal account, so if you can make them fast or have
someone make them for you for 2-3$ each. For every 50$ gift card you make
minimum 30$.


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