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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bank Hacking Guide

Guide to Hacking bank accounts and and getting away with it. [educational use only - tuxedocrew]

Despite the risks involved, hacking a Bank is relatively easy. As long as you are fast, by following this guide you should have no problems. Before you start, you will need to know an Account Number at the bank you want to hack, your Uplink Bank Account number, and the IP of Uplink International Bank.

1. Connect to the bank, with InterNIC as your first bounce, and bypass the monitor and proxy with Level 5 Bypassers.
2. Break into the account you want to steal from, using the account number as the user name, and the password breaker to get the password. You should not have a trace on you because of the monitor bypass.
3. Enter the transfer screen and transfer money to your Uplink bank account
4. Delete the Statement logs from the account you stole from saying you just transferred money.
5. Connect to Uplink bank, log into your account, bypass monitor and proxy then delete the log saying you received money
6. Connect to InterNIC and delete the bounce logs.
7. Start Spending. You don't have to wait before you can spend the money you just stole.

Note that once you have a password of an account, you don't need the monitor bypass to access it, the bank doesn't trace normal account entries.
6.2 - General Tips

If you have to use a Proxy/Firewall disabler, start it before doing anything else. Wait for the trace to start before proceeding. That way you won't be waiting for it to finish while your clock ticks down and you are in the system.

Don't bother with the Dictionary Hacker; it is a waste of time. Stick with the Password Breaker.

When buying Software, only buy the highest version. If you can't afford the highest, do a couple more jobs until you can. This way you will save your self the trouble and money of upgrading later on. This is especially important with LAN software, as LAN security varies slightly, and there is no guarantee that v1 software will work on even the simplest of LANs.

If you can afford it, buy the Proxy and Firewall Bypass instead of Disable. It may be more expensive, but it will make your life a lot easier.

Don't waste time while doing a job. Anything else you have to do can wait until a job is finished.

Always clear your logs as soon as you have done the mission. If you leave them, you will likely forget and be caught.

ALWAYS keep an eye on your Trace Tracker when doing a job.

Software needed: Log Deleter v4.0, HUDConnectionAnalysis, Proxy Bypass v5.0, Firewall Bypass v5.0, Trace Tracker v2.0

Software Recommended: Dictionary Hacker v1.0, HUDConnectionAnalysis, Proxy Bypass v5.0, Firewall Bypass v5.0, Monitor Bypass v5.0, Trace Tracker v4.0, IP Scan v1.0
Other: You must have a "Trace a Recent Balance Transfer" mission to rob banks.

To hack banks, get at least 40-45 nodes, as banks are some of the fastest tracers in the game. And of course, you always need InterNIC.
First, study the mission email in depth, and write down the guy's ACCNO, your bank ACCNO, and your bank's IP address. Then, bounce through every node you possess, starting with InterNIC, and ending with the target bank. Fire up your HUDCA and bypassers, and use either Dictionary Hacker (faster, and works 99.9% of the time with bank accounts) or Password Breaker to force entry into this guy's money. Go directly to his statement, and look for a log that says that a bunch of credits were transferred into ACCNO: xxxxxxxxx. Write down the IP and ACCNO quickly, and get out of there. Delete your logs at InterNIC, and either run the IP through an IP Scan or find it at InterNIC. Either way, you should end up with that bank in your list of links. Hack into the newly discovered bank, and once again fire up you're HUDCA and bypassers. Hack into the guy's account, (Always use the ACCNO in the "name" field and crack the "code" field.) write down his name, but DON'T REPLY TO THE EMAIL YET! Quickly go into the "Transfer Money" button and punch in his ACCNO, your IP, your ACCNO, and as much money as he's got. Hit "Transfer," and go to his statement. Delete the the very top log, disconnect, and delete the logs at InterNIC. Now the next step may sound crazy, but HACK into Uplink Bank, stroll into you're account, fire up the HUDCA and bypassers, and delete the top log in your statement. Disconnect, and when you've deleted your logs at InterNIC, enjoy being filthy rich, and buy everything that you possibly can!


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