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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Shops For You

Site List-

Us: - Phone Verification needed - Non-vbv or Amex/Disco - Fullz Needed and clothing) stuff) stuff) & cds) games) you get an EA title , you can save the cd key.) - Groceries - Japanese stuff - Herb grinders, digital scales, etc. - Matrix movie sunglasses - Art prints

Uk: - Fullz Needed

Ca: - Fullz Needed

Gift Cards-
Sonic - Tested, works
Starbucks - Tested, works
Subway - Phone verification needed
Wendy's - Haven't tested but it should work
Panera bread - (doesn't even need same state sock)
Dunkin Donuts - (is good until you use it, so you can just load that bitch up and hold it)


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