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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Paypal Carding Tutorial

Good day. I would like to tell you how to cheat SHOPS or other stores where they use PayPal.

To begin to briefly tell what the topic:

1) Interest is how it is possible to prepay via PayPal, that would cardholder neither of which has not come.

2) How to make people think shop, that you present cardholder. But you have another e-mail.

Go =)

Waking up in the morning for me to Pearl, because that might deceive the whole defense. After all, in fact, PayPal is the only piece of the puzzle. Assume that we have.

CC (and everything attached to it) is bound to your account (of course verified) but we do not have access to e-mail to your account. And in this case, everyone thinks that money back, the usual refaundom. But it was not there. Usually when you buy CC, you set provide e-mail and mobile number. Well, I think more you understand vvobdit I will not go unnecessarily kardholder see on the e-mail your tranziktsiyu and a phone that would proring was not. We simply change the figure at the end of the letter and e-mail / phone Assume +1-555-459-469. We're changing it to +1-555-459-468. Likewise, e-mail.

And now the fun part. When sent to your e-mail in the form of such communication.

Dear friend, Thanks very much for your ordering from our Company, due to make sure of the order, we want to confirm some order information with you before shipping out, would you please confirm it as follows: Total amount: shipping address: Phone no: The receiver name: the name on paypal and the order is different, which is right, would you explain it, thanks

But then the fun begins. We are certainly as intelligent people understand that if something is not as it would be very deplorable outcome. (In the sense to cancel the order)

In response, we write this:

Hello. I am currently on a visit. I wanted to make a gift to his brother, soon after his birthday. I hope you will understand and send the order.

After having them write this:

thanks for your reply soon if you can not reply by ********yahoo.COM, would you plus send us the copy of Make H. "Passport or drive license and copy of credit card to us the name on the paypal is different with the order thanks fo ryour understanding and assistance
But here we have not confused them write.

My wife can write you that I am the card holder. Just at this moment I can not make a copy. And since the work can not or what to do. I would like that you would send an order today. I called her today and she said she would write you a message.

And then we turn keenness. And how can we send a letter from someone else's e-mail. Then I remembered the other day a good service by spoofing e-mail

And there I dashed off a letter to:

Hello. This Wife Make, I would like that you would send an order ********. My husband does not have access to e-mail he is visiting. Thank you for your responsiveness.

Of course replacing the e-mail to which the card is linked.

Well that's all vprintsepi. An hour later, I received e-mail.

Dear Make, Good day, the tracking number of W20 ******* is EE40 ******** CN. Thanks Thank you very much. Waiting for your reply. Have a nice day. Wholesale team 2011-04-20

I think you understand everything. Do not judge strictly on my article. Write the first time. Who, what it has helped very happy


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