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Monday, July 20, 2015

Change IP in FireFox. Another method

Today we have in the studio quite popular (over 500 thousand. Users) wonder extension that allows you to encrypt your traffic and bypass any blockage. The name of this miracle has ZenMate.
Expanding ZenMate exists for: 
Google Chrome 
browsers others I had not considered. 
It works much the same as the compression mode in the browser, but without actually compression. All your traffic is encrypted and sent through an intermediate server. Himself intermediate server is located in another country (you can select it), and from there actually is a request to load the site. Encryption and foreign servers provide the ability to bypass any local lock. And here is the official video:

After installation, you must go through a short registration process to gain access to free capacity. It looks like he addon Personally, I liked what addon for FF anonymoX. 


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