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Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Maybe you saw some people get hundreds of victims every day They rely on the penetration of random And all their victims from popular forums and torrent Today I will explain to you the ways in which they use .

Sources of the victims :

Social networks & Forums
Sites publish the files like
Chat rooms

How to get victims :
  • Create a fake software  Has become a widespread phenomenon in youtubeYou can experiment and you'll get thousands of victims But you first have to increase the number of Views I advise you to use and Of course you you must to disable comment on your video
  • Torrent the best source of victim you can easily create your account in and create a torent using Any program that supports torrent just choose a software and inject or bind this software with your clean server and do not forget to add trackers  in your torrent
This video explain how to create a torrent :

  • from the forums you can get a lot of victims Some times I put private software and remember Do not put a download link But (Pm Me :D for mediafire link) To target members :) So this method is not in all forums you can put the link in the warez site There is no need not explain :)
Some professional hackers Use other ways They scan  A large number of Random Ip To discover Exploit Will generally put a special topic in this type ...
And finally offer you a program named  Spread Robot With this program you can spread your server in(Shareaza - Areas - eMule )

The main interface of the program:

Click Get Warez :

and choose the path of your server and Make Warez File :

Then the software will create a file in which each of these programs and share the files in (Shareaza - Areas - eMule )

 Always select Icon Setup or Install the Server and pumb the files  Even up to 2mg  using hex workshop

Download :


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