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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Make $200+ in 4 Simple Steps with an IRC Bot

This is a very simple tutorial, and you might actually make more than $200 off of this. Follow the steps closely. I've not tried this myself, but have personally eye-witnessed several users do this, and make quite the profit. I will not name any names. Also, I expect to get flamed for this because I'm leaking a very private method that you can make a LOT of cash with.

1. Download this: or this: (or search for Asper Base).

2. Download this:

3. Open the project in Visual Studio, and change the name. Also, do a Ctrl+F and change all instances of the name. Also, search for the version command, and change that to your bot name with a 3.X after it or something.

Examples of a good name for an IRC bot:

After that, it's time for step 4.

4. Goto and make a thread selling your bot. Use sweet and sexy images to trick all the kids into thinking you spent a lot of time on coding your bot, when in reality you spent most of the time using Photoshop. Here is a good thread layout. You can copy and paste this word-for-word, and no one will even notice.

LEET IMAGE GOES HERE (this will make or break your sales!)
Credits to iserdo and xNull for the IRC bot!
YOUR NAME HERE IRC Bot is a new bot that is designed in C. It is being sold with functionality as well as ease of use for the botmaster in mind.

[X] Bot is compiled at 31kb and compressed to 15kb
[X] Server information, commands, and other strings are encrypted and only decrypted when needed
[X] You can build your own encrypted config.h and send it to me at any time for a recompile using the Catalyst Header Builder & Encrypte

[X] Installation into application data
[X] Unicode character support so you gain and keep your foreign installs (unicode characters are no longer an issue, good for foreign bots)
[X] Registry persistence will rewrite your registry key if it has been deleted
[X] Various Antis to help keep your connection data and bot information safe
[X] Flood functions will operate to deliver optimal performance; speedtest is performed before flood to determine how strong to make the flood
[X] Bot nickname formation (n = new); n[USA|W7-64]123456

Sort Features:
[X] Bots can be commanded to sort themselves by country (good for selling bots based on country).
[X] Bots can be commanded to sort themselves into channels depending on whether or not they have Java or .NET installed (good for selling bots to those with java or .net dependent malware).
[X] Bots can be commanded to sort themselves by bot version (good for updating your bots from previous versions).

[X] HTML File Infection - Will infect an iframe into HTML files on the infected users PC. (Thanks to xNull for this!)
[X] Torrent Seeding - Will seed your torrents for you.
[X] Unique USB Infection - Generate junk data to help keep your autorun's undetected.

[X] SYN Flood - Perfect for dropping websites/servers.
[X] UDP Flood - Extremely stable, good for flooding personal connections.

Other Features:
[X] Typical Join/Part/Download/Update/Remove features.
[X] Lite and Heavy Botkiller - Lite botkiller will clear run registry keys and search common drop paths for certain file names of common malware and attempt to delete them. Heavy botkiller is PC intensive and will iterate through processes and check for common malware bot strings.
[X] Visit (Hidden or Visible) feature.
[X] List Process and Kill Command - List all processes running on infected PC and have ability to terminate them.
[X] AntiVirus Fucker - Will scan every X minutes for running scans and attempt to close them. Can also be commanded to do this.
[X] Can command bots to determine if Java and .NET is installed. Bots will relay this to channel. Bots will also perform a speedtest and relay this to the channel.[/spoiler]

Other things you can do to increase sales:

-Search for the "A59 Botkiller" and paste it into your application. Then, advertise an up-to-date botkilling rapist machine!

-Say you coded the bot from scratch. This gets dicks hard.

-Add SUPER and POWERFUL and OHSHIT infront of your DDoS flood types. For example: OHSHIT SUPER SYN FLOOD, or the POWERFUL SUPER UDP FLOODER, etc.

-Offer some other benefit to buying your bot, like a free spot in a shitty $6/month VPS IRC channel.

-Don't sell your bot for cheap. Users want to feel like they are buying something that is fucking pro, and fucking pro shit doesn't cost less than $15 a bin.

-CaPiTaLiZe EvErY oThEr WoRd

-Act like you know what the fuck is going on. If someone insults your coding ability, reply back with "Lol, I bet you don't even know what a buffer overflow is, sk1d!1!"

-Put [HF's #1 IRC BOT] in your thread title!

-Take shit from no-one. If anyone insults your bot/thread, call them a skid and say that you reported them to "omni", HF's admin!

-Negative-rep all haters!

-Have groupies that aside from dick-riding you via PM/MSN, will endlessly defend your thread from haters.

-Always copy and paste new features in at least once a week so you can release a new "updated version", having lots of "updates" will convince people to buy because they think you are really dedicated to the project.

-Every other post talk about your hot-ass girlfriend and how you fuck endlessly everynight. Skids will think this is cool and want to be just like you, and buy your bot. 

-Never hesitate to act like you know what you are talking about.

-If anyone asks what programming languages you know, tell them: ASM/C/C++/Java/PHP/Brainfuck

-Feel free to invest some profit into paying people tocode features for you since you can't. More features equal more sales!

-When people send you payments, tell them to send as a GIFT with the reason: "Thanks for the coding help!" - then they won't ever win a chargeback.


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