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Saturday, August 29, 2015

CC Cash Out Method [ Tested ]

I'be been searching for a perfect and under the radar way of turning infos cc into money that works overseas and i seem to have found it

It's the square device.
They are giving it FOR FREE in their websites, and these guys have a good reputation of making bank transfers into your account IN THE SAME DAY

Several thousands of people have been cashing out money this way.

The question is: What you guys think about using it as a way of cashing out infos cc into your bank account? Will these work internationally? 

Also, they have a feature of paying with bank transfer directly from the device

Isn't amazing?

It means ''selling'' without merchant accounts.

The motherfuckers from the verifone company are going crazy with this and they have uploaded videos on the youtube talking shit about these device and revealing our game

What do you guys think about it?
I checked out their websites and they accept bank transfers of ONLY a maximum of 2.000$ per week by manual orders without the credit card being present

It seems a pretty good opportunity for those that are broke like me with these FREE device. It's just a matter of having a fake bank account (or not, doesn't matter) an iphone and a good seller of fullz/cc's and we're good to make 2.000$ a week 

You spend 10$ on some infos/fullz, and make 1000$


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