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Thursday, August 6, 2015


This is probably the coolest way to gain access to someones facebook account, and also works for twitter, youtube and amazon accounts. It can be done completely from your android phone, and most phones are compatible.
What this requires:
  • Your phone must be an Android phone, and it must be unlocked. Google or youtube search how to unlock your phone, its pretty easy.
  • You must be on the same network as the person you want to hack into
  • That person must be currently using facebook on a computer
  • Won't work if the person is using the https security option in facebook
  1. Once you have an unlocked phone, you need to download an app called FaceNiff. You can download from your phone at and its free, for the first 3 accounts you get into. If you want to get the unlocked version of the app you'll have to pay to unlock it, or you can google search for a cracked version. I recommend searching faceniff on Vuze for a cracked torrent.
  2. Once the app is installed, connect to the wifi of your victim.
  3. Open the FaceNiff app, and press the big power button in the middle. If it asks you to allow permissions for the app, do so.
  4. It will now be monitoring activity. Anyone who uses facebook/youtube/twitter/amazon on the network you're connected to will show up on your phone. Simply click on them, and you'll be logged into their account.
  5. If nothing is showing up, try using stealth mode in FaceNiff. Some routers prevent these kind of hacks; stealth mode will attempt to bypass this.
Like always, this is for educational purposes only.


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