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Saturday, August 29, 2015

1 # Dark Comet 
There is no doubt that Dark Comet is the best Rat ever and a free RAT too and also the old one too and still many users use it because of its great functions like in this rat you dont have to forward port it has UNPN function enabled which automatically forward your port and no need to forward from the router plus it is the most stable rat i have ever used in free versions but the bad thing is its not updating as its coder has stooped updating dark comet and started working on a key logger project.
2 # Black Shades
Indeed this is the super RAT even better then DarkComet because it is stable , cheap , reliable  , easy to use , great features and it is the most fast rat ever created on .net and supports windows only but great rat but why i have ranked it on #2 is because the owner of Black Shades was arrested by FBI and from that time FBI started to Raid on Black Shades users and arrested many users even considered in thousands so i will not prefer you to use this but indeed its a perfect rat with perfect coding.
3 # JSpy 
Jspy Rat is a brother of Pussy RAT as developed by same person , with some extra features and back in 2013 this rat was free and i also used its free version and found it a good rat because it was undetectable by most of anti viruses but it was not a stable rat maybe now they have improved their product in stability.

4 # Pussy RAT 
The Good RAT if you are looking for a paid one i will prefer you this rat because it is one of the best Paid RAT in which you can add all those custom futures which you want by their ready made plugins or also you can order for your custom plugin too. and it is a java based rat runs on multiple operating systems like linux,Mac,Windows and also it is undetectable.

5 # Bozok RAT 

I guess you have never heard the name of this RAT but yes this RAT is becoming famous now a days and this is developed on .net by a university student and the reason why peoples love this RAT is because it is the fastest RAT in free version and it comes with good features and it is also a free RAT but some of its features are locked doe pro users and if you want those features you have to pay for it.
6 # Poison lvy Rat 
It is good rat tool and also the old one which peoples are using from old times and the reason why peoples love it is its tiny little server which has much less size in KB and the best thing is its free to use no need to purchase.

7 # Nj Rat 
Nj Rat is totally a different one developed on .net while many peoples mix its name with jRat but this is totally different one and the reason and this tool became popular of its great futures like it spreads via USB , memory card and all removable storage,s. and it pings itself after every single second and refreshes itself for new user in each and every second while the old versions of nj rat are not relaiable but the best and stable version of nj rat which i prefer is Nj Rat 0.6.4
8 # DameWare RAT

DameWare RAT is also good Remote administration tool for windows only and the reason its in the top ten list is because of its stability. it comes with totally different GUI plus it copies itself to the windows startup folder and also fetches itself into the register so you may not lose your slaves but its a paid one.
9 # jRAT 

jRat got popularity back in 2012 – 2013 when jRat server,s massively hit banks and their users in middle east and its developed on java and works on multiple operating systems like linux,windows,Mac etc and i myself have tested this great RAT it is stable , fast , and Undetectable.
10 # Cyber Gate 

 Once upon a time when Cyber Gate was ruling over the internet in the race of Rat Tools but from the time when they have started charging their users for the use of cyber gate rat peoples have moved toward other rat tools which are much better then cyber gate but still cyber gate is a good rat tool.


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