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Only use this method if the other methods didn't work for you, as this requires a little more work on your part. This method requires sending the victim a virus which will log their keystrokes and/or passwords, and sends them to you. If you don't do this well, its possible your virus can be detected and removed by the persons antivirus software.
This method requires:
  • A trojan or keylogger of your choice. is a good resource for finding this. There are hundreds of different programs you can use
  • A crypter. Crypting your virus is essential if you don't want your virus detected by an antivirus program. You can use the same link as above to find one, or you can even pay someone else like $5 on those forums to crypt your virus or keylogger for you. If your victim doesn't have antivirus, you may skip this, but it's not recommended.
  • A binder. Not required but this will be useful if you want to attach your virus to say a picture file. This way your not just sending someone a .exe which will seem more suspicious then if you sent them a legit picture file, which happens to have a virus attached to it. The person would never know. you sent them a virus. Again use google or the above link to find one of these, there are many.
  1. First step is finding the trojan or keylogger of your choice. A trojan essentially is a virus that gives you access to a persons computer, and control/monitor a number of things, almost as if you were sitting at the computer itself. There are many different kinds, each with their own features and functions; most include a keylogger. A keylogger is a type of program or virus that simply monitors every key pressed and saves it into a log, which you can then access. is a good resource to find one of these, and its really up to you which you use, the steps will all be the same.
  2. Once you have your trojan server created, you need to have it crypted. This will help prevent your virus from being detected by antivirus. You can either find your own crypter or pay someone a small fee to crypt your virus for you. Search around online for this, as there are many out there.
  3. Once you have a crypted virus, you may now use a binder if you like, to combine your virus with another program or file such as a picture. This is recommended, because an jpeg is a lot less suspicious than a .exe file
  4. Now that everything is ready, send your victim the file! You can trick them and tell them its a cool picture, or host the file on a free host somewhere online and have them download it saying its a cool new song. Your method of getting the file to them is up to you and how creative you can be. Another way is to install it yourself, if you have access to their computer. Just put the file on a flash drive and install it when they aren't around.
  5. Once they're infected, you can use the trojan/keylogger program to monitor their PC. The possibilities from here are practically endless, and mostly depend on what kind of trojan/keylogger you used.
As always, this is for educational purposes only. It is illegal to send viruses. Use at your own risk.


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