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Monday, September 28, 2015

How To Find Cardable Shops


I’d like to talk a little about finding cardable online shops. It would be useful for some beginners. So firstly go on and search for a partiuclar product that you would like to card such as a laptop. Then select a shop from the search list and continue.

Once you’ve chosen a shop you need to check if its cardable. Use a CC and try to order to the card holder’s address something in the region of $300-$400 (for example PDA, MP3 player or another shiet like this). Also to avoid too much attention do not choose express delivery, choose something not so expensive such as 2 day mail option.

Now wait a day or so and if you then get a "congratulations" "order complete" "order shipped" notification, you’ve found cardable shop. Now hit the same shop for a reasonable priced item and this time select the shipping as your drop and do not use express delivery.


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