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Wednesday, October 21, 2015 SCAM!!!

Hey Guys
I Got Some Possitive Reports From My Some Customers , 
They are telling me that is full of scam 
please beware safe your money from this noob 


  1. I'm thankful I found this blog. I typed in scam in google to do research. In so glad I didn't send them money.

    1. but what about positive feedbacks on this website?

    2. @Ali .
      Dear , Okay You Can Go Ahead And Proceed Your Deal With These Person , You Are Your Own My Friend , We Didnt Ask You TO Deal With Them ,
      For Prove ?? You Said , Contact Me , i Will Gave You Your MTCN First , MTCN Status Will Be : Order In Process ( When Ever You Send Us The , Fund of The Payment We Will Relasead That Amount For You In 5 Minuts , If The Payment Methid /BTC/PM ,

      Joe Root

    3. Yes its a scam i got scammed by westernunion hackers as well for $500

  2. Be happy you did not, I got scammed yesterday out of $550, I only wish I seen this site before proceeding to send my hard earned money to these fools.

  3. They did the exact thing to me yesterday, I sent over $350 and then they claim something wrong with Software and that the software produce $19,000 in my name and for me to send over additional $200 to get MTCN to cash out. I proceeded and never heard back from them again. And you can't leave comments on their site to warn others because it's not approve for broadcast without them approving it first. I was so angry and I spent an hour replying to people on there who were about to send their money to warn them not to and all my comments were deleted. These poor people have no idea they are about to lose their money.

  4. bro i am also from karachi tell me the guy details

  5. Hello@
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  6. Thank God. I was about to send them money?

  7. Thank God. I was about to send them money?