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Sunday, November 29, 2015 Scam

Hello Guys 
This Person As Made His Own , Blogs , Forums , Wordpress , To Make his Business Famous 
Be Care full Guys , All Forum Blogs Wordpress , Have Same , Post , 1 by 1 Think About That First , Guys Then Deal With Him , On Your Own ,

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  1. yeah i agreed with joe this person as made so.many websites end same post to each one joe you got the point i did research about that aswell

  2. is a scammer along with all other names on safe list. They are all the same person. Bravo got my $300 and never replied again to any email. I never received anything. Any post that says "no time wasters" is a scam. I promise you that. Bravo is a thief and a scammer. Don't send him any money or you will lose it.

    1. please, please is legit. please i have been scammed 4 times. i have about 15 guys all searching for a legit hacker. please we want to do business

    2. @Obed Asiedu , is a legit person he is 100% Verfied person on hack2world inc , he didnt famous for his posts end comments he is famous becues he is a great person what ever he do its legit , end its VERIFIED SERVICE PROVIDER , in Hack2world

    3. in reply to scammed customer; did you ever find someone who was legit