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Carding Tutrial With Help Of Bins New 2015


The following is list of ideas and facts that have been brought together for
the sole purpose of educating those who lack this knowledge. In writing this, I
do not intend for the reader to use any information contained herein, but
rather to further his/her own education and provoke thought to perhaps better
the society we live in. 


I. Card Types

     The first digit of the credit card number (henceforth referred to as CCN)
determines the credit card type. A simple list might be:

         First Digit of Credit Card              Card Type
         --------------------------              ---------

                   3                          American Express
                   4                                Visa
                   5                             Mastercard
                   6                              Discover

II. Bank and Branch Numbers

                                   Sample Credit Card: 1234 567 890 123
     Within the first group of numbers from the left [called Group 4] the Bank
name and branch are contained. We have already discovered that the first digit
of Group 4 reveals the card type. We will now look at how to decipher which
bank issued the card, and which branch of the bank the actual card holder banks
at. Look at the Second, Third, and Fourth digits of Group 4. These three
numbers tell which bank issued the card. A small list follows this paragraph,
although you can compile a list by yourself. Just glance at cards you get your
hands on which the bank name is printed, and record the information. [ Editor's
Note: This is a hard concept to explain, so let me give you an example. Lets
say Bank of Hicksville's group 4 Visa Credit Card reads 4560. (560 = Bank of
Hicksville). BUT, 4561 is NOT necessarily Bank of Hicksville, too. 4561 could
be Bank of Booniesville. So what I am trying to get across is that the next
bank in line doesn't HAVE to be 4570 -- it could be earlier in numbers. ] 

 Group 4            Bank Name           
--------            ---------    
  4019              Bank of America              
  4024              Bank of America
  4052              First Cincinatti  
  4060              Navy Federal Credit Union 
  4128              Citibank             
  4131              State Street Bank
  4215              Marine Midland
  4225              Chase Manhattan  
  4231              Chase Lincoln First Classic
  4232              Chase Lincoln First Classic
  4241              Nat. Westminester Bank    
  4250              First Chicago Bank
  4271              Citibank Preferred
  4302              H.H.B.C.
  4310              Imperial Savings
  4317              Gold Dome  
  4387              Bank One             
  4428              Bank of Hoven
  4811              Bank of Hawaii
  4897              Village bank of Cincinatti


 Group 4            Bank Name 
---------           ---------

  5215              Marine Midland 
  5217              Manufacturers Hanover Trust
  5233              Huntington Bank   
  5242              Chevy Chase Federal Savings
  5254              Bank of America
  5263              Chemical Bank              
  5273              Bank of America
  5286              Chase Lincoln First 
  5317              Norwest               
  5323              Bank of New York 
  5329              Maryland Bank NA (MBNA)    
  5410              Citibank Preferred        
  5411              1st Fin. bank of Omaha      
  5414              Nat. Westminester Bank
  5415              Colonial National Bank
  5424              Citibank                 
  5465              Chase Manhattan     
  5678              Marine Midland          

III. Bank Codes [ International Bank or Interlink Numbers]

     These are used in checking credit. Later on, you will learn that while
checking the credit cards for the amount of credit, you will be prompted to
enter the Bank ID along with the Merchant ID. The bank IDs are, I believe, from
the following list. One note-- you cannot just choose any Bank ID and use it
with any merchant ID. They must correspond in some way. How, I don't know. I
THINK that a bank issues a merchant number to each of their customers. If you
try to use a merchant number with a bank number, and the merchant doesn't
actually use the bank that is specified by the bank number, you are going to
get some problems. (ie, the verification won't go through.) Again, I will state
that this is only a theory. The reason that I post this theory is to get minds
working. So far, no one has mentioned their ideas on the function of Bank
Codes. If you do happen to find out the true meaning of these numbers, please
get in touch with me so I can update this list. Thanks. One word- on VISA
credit cards, the bank IDs are the first 4 digits of the Card. For Mastercards,
however, they vary. A list follows:

     Bank                       Bank Code
     ----                       ---------
 Chemical Bank                    1263
 Marine Midland                   6207 [1207?]
 Manufacturers Hanover Trust      1033
 Citibank                         1035
 Huntington                       1226
 First Card Gold                  1286  
 MBNA                             6017
 Chase Manhatten                  1665
 [ Bank from 5127 ]               1015

IV. "Group 3"

Sample Credit Card: 1234 5678 9012 3456 
                         Group 3, or the second group on a credit card in from
the left, contains some VERY useful information about the card. This group
holds the information on the Maximum Expiration Date and the Maximum Credit
Limit. (I believe that you can all see the benefits of this.) This does not
mean, however, that the ACTUAL expiration date and ACTUAL credit limit are in
this group. What it means is this: When the different Credit Card Companies
issue Credit Cards to the consumer, he of course has a credit limit. And when
the Companies formulate credit cards, they create certain groups for certain
customers. That is, certain "groups" contain all the credit cards for people
with a credit limit between $x and $y. The same thing goes with the expiration
dates. Everyone whose card expires after m1/y1 and before m2/y2 has their
credit card in a certain group formulated by the company. For example:
My name is Joe Schmoe. My Visa credit card expires in January of the year 1999.
My credit limit on this card is $7,000. My credit card number (CCN) will
probably be in the same group as my brother-in-law Jack Koff whose card expires
in December of 1998 and whose credit limit is $6,000. BUT, our cards will be in
different groups entirely than my boss' whose card expires in June of 1995 and
whose credit limit is $40,000. 
     Back to the point of section IV: Lets say you have a credit card with a
known expiration date and known credit limit. Lets also say that you happen
upon ANOTHER credit card whose numbers are the same up until the last 2 groups.
(You and I see that these two cards were issued by the same bank and PROBABLY
have a credit limit in the same ball park and an expiration date not far from
each other. ) BUT, even though you have this new credit card, you lost the
expiration date and credit limit. GOSH! How are you going to use this card when
you don't know this information?? APROXIMATE! You have a general idea now, and
you can go from there. 
     One warning here: I have found that small groups of cards with high credit
limits are often hidden in between large groups of cards with very low credit
limits. For instance, lets look at this card: 4123 4567 8901 2345. From -4567
until 4600 in group 3 (from the right) gold cards may exist. But after 4600 and
before 4567, cards with credit limits of $500 exist. Kind of sucks, huh?? Just
wanted to make you aware of this.
     Now, once you learn how to modify these without hurting the card, you have
increased your value as a carder by 100x. But be careful. Often when you modify
a card's group 3 to get a higher credit limit line of cards, you will find the
entire line is dead. Or, in other cases, just the original card you find is
dead, and all surrounding cards are valid with the new credit limits.

V. "Group 2" & "Group 1"

     These two groups, or the last two groups on the credit card, are the
easiest to modify. By changing these in such a way, you can formulate new
credit cards simply by doing a little math in your head. These two groups
contain the IDentification codes. Later on in your carding careers, you might
find out how to change these, and thus, you have found the secret to a vault of
new and awaiting credit cards. I stress here that the only purpose that these
two groups serve is to differentiate between customers. If the first two groups
of two cards are the same and the last two groups of two cards are different,
the two cards were issued by the same bank and probably have similar credit
limits, but are of course issued to different people.

VI. Credit Card Verification

     Once you have a newly formulated or newly found Credit Card, you must
first check to see if it is valid before you distribute or use it. The reason
for this is this: Although you may not have faltered in your calculations, and
you created a credit card following the correct formula, the card may turn up
as invalid. This is because it has not been issued yet. Visa or Mastercard has
not issued that card to a customer yet. You are ahead of the credit card
company. (Don't you feel important??!) If this case arises, simply formulate a
new credit card from the original valid credit card, and check it once again.
There is no known way around this except to wait.  
     OKAY- you want to check your credit card and see how much money this
person has. There are many, many credit verifiers around. The easiest way to
get ahold of one is to go into any store which accepts credit cards and look on
the side of the machine that imprints the carbons with the credit card number,
etc. Or, look right on the wall next to the register. There should be a number
to call, a merchant number, and perhaps a bank number. Jot these down and head
on home. The format for these is usually different, but all have the basic idea
in mind. Call an operator of some sort, tell her the authorization information
that she asks for (bank number,merchant number, etc)  and give her the card and
the amount for which to verify the card. She will check and let you know if it
has enough credit left. Simple. BUT***  

 ******************* ONE NOTE **********************
 When you check a card for a certain amount of money, that amount of money is
subtracted from the amount available on the card. For example, if a card has
$5,000 left on it, and you get ahold of it and check it for $2,000, you can
only spend $3,000 before it tells you that you don't have the necessary credit
to go through with a transaction.

VII. Purchasing Merchandise: The Real Story

     OKAY, now that you have a VALID credit card, you will most likely want to
get some newly acquired merchandise. This is all fine and dandy, but if you
don't know what you are doing, you can get yourself and most likely your
friends in a LOT of trouble. 

*** BLOW THE WHOLE SHOW !!!  !!!  !!!  !!!  !!!  !!!  !!!  !!!  !!!  !!!***

  FIRST- Let me clarify something. When you order something over the phone, and
the person selling you the items wants to know the actual Cardholder's name,
address, phone number, etc, you DO NOT have to give him/her the correct
information. [UNLESS: You do have to give the person correct information if
they have an online connection to a credit record bureau such as CBI or TRW. In
this case, as they can verify everything that you say in a matter of moments,
just do your best, get a new card, and never order from this company again. I
will not lie to you: some companies do have this capability. But if you stick
with little bussinesses who need your money, you'll do fine. ] Bullshit your
way through. Or hire a social engineer to do it for you. You do not even have
to give the correct expiration date! Almost Any expiration date will work as
long as it is at least one month ahead of the current month and it is not TOO
far ahead in time so that it jumped over the actual expiration date. (ie, if
the current date is 10/89, give the expiration date 11/89 -- simple) The
company from which you are buying things can not verify the extra information
YOU give them until after the order has been processed and the package shipped.
They have to get in touch with a Credit Union, which will be discussed later on
in this summary, to verify it all. * ALL THAT THEY CAN VERIFY PRONTO IS THAT
MERCHANDISE YOU ARE PURCHASING. * My suggestion, however, is that you give them
the phone number of a pay phone near your house. [ Or, if you want to REALLY
make sure things go smoothly, give them the number of a direct dial VMB local
to the shipping address. ] If they want to call you back, FINE. Ask them to do
so between the hours of X pm and Y pm. And, just pitch tent at the phone for a
few hours a night. No problem. They will almost always call right back, since
they don't want to inconvenience their customer who happens to be buying $6,000
worth of computers at the time. Understand?

  SECOND- Where should I ask have them ship it to, you ask? Fret not, my little
friend in carding. Before you call and order your things, first go out and find
an abandoned house. These still work best. Either one that has been moved out
of, and no one has moved into yet. Or, if you can, find one that is REALLY
CAN FIND!) Jot down this address. This is referred to as a drop site. 
[ Ed. Note: if, and I say IF you can rent a mailbox, do so. Make sure they sign
for everything (UPS, etc) and bring some FAKE ID with you to open it up. Most
of the time, they will give you hastle, and verify EVERYTHING you give them. So
it is really not that easy to get one of these. At least try, though. ] OKAY,
give this address to the man or lady who is taking your order. Tell them this
is where you live. REMEMBER, they can not verify that you don't live there for
quite a while. They will send everything there. When the shipment comes (either
Overnight, Second Day, or whenever), pick it up (CASUALLY) and stroll home to
open your package. If it does not come, or if the salesperson gives you
trouble, don't worry. If it didn't come, it is because 1) It got intercepted by
the feds or 2) The company didn't process it because they did actually try to
verify your address, name, and phone number, thus delaying your shipment, but
saving themselves a lot of money. Just try another store until you find some
place that is easy to buy from.

  THIRD- I suggest that you do not furnish your household with carded items. It
is just not wise. Get a few things, if you like, and wait a little while. Sit
tight. When things cool down, you might want to get some more things. REMEMBER-
all things are good in proportion, but when you get out of that proportion (ie,
get greedy and order a new house) you will most definately get caught sometime
or another. Patience is the carder's best friend. (along, of course, with the
VISA formula... hehe)

  FOURTH- You have all heard it before. DON'T DISPLAY YOUR SPEICAL TALENT AT
SCHOOL, PARTIES, OR SOCIAL EVENTS. Not even to your best friends. ESPECIALLY
not to your best friends. They are the ones most likely to brag about you and
spread the word. This is the farthest thing from what you want. Keep it to
yourself, and if you must tell someone about it, either call Phone Sex, a
Bridge, or an Alaskan Operator. Those are your only choices, as no other carder
or phreak wants to hear about how good you actually are. 

  FIFTH- I wouldn't advise making a bussiness out of this, either. Sure, if you
want to get a few dollars for things you order (and that you don't want
anymore) sell it and keep the money. But its purely asinine to take "orders"
from people for money. And even if you don't want money. Keep in mind that
Credit Fraud IS a felony, and getting caught violating US Federal Laws is not a
fun experience to go through. Do you want to go to jail for 10 years, and never
again be able to get a good job because Joey down the street wanted to pay $10
for a new skateboard that retails for $75?? Thats what I thought. Your whole
goal in life, as long as you participate in the Underground Arts, is to keep a
low profile.

VIII. Getting Credit Cards

     There are a number of ways through which you can get credit cards. 

  FIRST- Go trashing. That is, go in back of a bank, department store (make
sure it is not in a mall!), or other store which accepts credit cards. When the
coast is clear, jump in their trash bin. Rummage around a bit. Having a look
out might prove to be wise. What you are looking for are carbons - the carbon
paper which the salesperson throws out after a purchase has been made. Remember
these? It is the device that guarentees you (a legit customer) get a receipt of
your credit card purchase, and also that the store gets a copy for record
keeping. Once you find these, (and making sure you don't rip them) put them in
a bag, pocket, whatever, and get somewhere safe. (home?) Hold them up to the
light, and copy down everything you think is important. Card Number, expiration
date, name, address, bank name, etc... Then BURN the carbons. This destroys all
evidence that you ever had them. From here, you are set. Order away! 

   SECOND- If you have a friend that works in a store which performs credit
card transactions, you might save yourself the trouble of banana peals on your
head and ask him/her if they might not mind slipping the carbons into a bag
after they ring up a sale. (or have them copy everything down for you.) 
  THIRD- You might try bullshitting people and getting their cards. You have to
be VERY good, and the person has to be VERY stupid for this to work. In my
mind, it is a waste of time, and almost never works. (Because people where I
live are smart, of course..) I am presenting this to you in case you live in a
society of morons. Exploit every area that you possibly can. The conversation
might go something like this:

YOU: "Hello, Mrs. Davis? This is Mr. Off from Security down at Citibank. We
have had a computer breakdown and no more of your VISA transactions can be
processed since we lost your credit card number. Do you think that you can give
me your number again, so I can re-enter it right now?"

Mrs. Davis: "Wait a minute, who is this again?"

YOU: "My name is Jack Off and I am from Citibank Security. (Explain whole
situation to her again )"

Mrs. Davis: "I don't know about this. Can I call you back at a number?"

YOU: "Sure. That's no problem. I understand your reluctance. Here... call me at
my office. Its 555-1212 (pay phone, loop, or bridge which you are at)"

Mrs. Davis: "Ok, bye!"

YOU: "Hello? This is Jack Off's office, Citibank Security, may I help you?"

Mrs. Davis: "Oh, good. I was afraid you were a phony. Ok, my VISA is xxxx-
xxx-xxx-xxx... "

YOU: "Thank you. We will try to restore your credit limit as soon as possible.
Until then, please refrain from trying to purchase merchandise on your Citibank
Visa Card. Goodbye."


Neat, huh?

  FOURTH- If are a really advanced Carder, you can get fancy and use a credit
card formula. Great, you're saying to yourself. GIMME GIMME GIMME! Not so
quick. Although several do exist, and I do have a couple of them, I am in a
situation in which I am unable to reveal it. If you are particularly smart and
intelligent, you can develope it yourself. Actually, it is not that hard if you
have the means. MAYBE if you are good at math....  

  FIFTH- You may try to get credit cards from other people. (friends?) I
stronly recommend against this. Usually the cards you get from other people
have usually already been used and are either being watched or are already

  SIXTH- If you have access to a Credit Union, you can call and "pull" someone
else's account. (For instance, if you know someone's name and address, or
social security, you can take a look at all of their loans and credit cards. )

IX. Advanced "Carding" Techniques

     Please, people, I beg of you -- If you have not been carding for a year or
two (AT LEAST) do not read this information. It will only confuse you, and even
if you understand it, it will not work as it should unless you have the
experience you are lacking. So sit tight and practice with parts I-VIII.

     If, perchance, you happen to have the experience necessary to read on,
then enjoy this. The following are simply a few details, hints, etc, that I
just left out of the original manuscript due to my horrendous memory. Add to it
if you like, and pass it a long. We all need to help each other if we are going
to survive. Also, the following are in no particular order except that which
they come to my head. 

1) For a drop site, you can try to get fancy if need be. I have heard of empty
military huts being used as well as empty condos, empty houses whose owners are
on vacation, and about a zillion other stories. If you think you have come
across something new, think a plan up, think it over, and think it over again.
Make sure you have every step down so when you order, pick up, and make your
escape, there are no problems. Think about it . . . what harm does it do to
spend an hour making sure you didn't overlook something. It is a lot better
than going there and getting caught.

2) Sometimes the places you order from will have an online account with a
credit record bereau. (Such as TRW, CBI or Transunion) The horrifying fact is
that they can verify ONLINE ANY information that you give them. So, you're
busted, right? Wrong . . . 
If this happens, there is nothing you can do unless you have a lot of power
with phones. Chances are, you don't. So play it cool and give an excuse to get
off the phone. Just try somewhere else. Also, if you don't do this right, you
will probably kill the credit card. 

X. Credit Unions

     Credit Unions basically are databases that hold information of its
members. When you apply for a credit card, I think that the application to be a
member of a Credit Union is presented also. Since almost EVERY person who owns
a credit card has personal information in at least one of these services, then
there is no fooling he who has access to these services. Many times in your
carding career, you will run into a bussiness who has an online connection to
such unions. If you try to present false information they will catch you and
follow up with the appropriate actions. (That is, report the credit card you
said is yours as dead, call the authorities, etc, etc.) 
     Two of the major Credit Bureaus in the United States are TRW and CBI. As
these two services hold large bases of information on its members (ie, every
credit card holder in America), many unauthorized personnel often wish to gain
access to them. They are accessed through a computer by calling a Bureau port
and entering authorization passwords. 
     For CBI, the passwords are in the format of nnnllnnn-**, where n=a number
0-9; where l=a letter from a-z; and where *=any character.  
     For TRW, the passwords are in the form of lllnnnnnnnlnl. (using the same
key as CBI.)
     As you can see from the length and complexity of these passwords, it is
literally impossible to hack them. (ie, hack in the sense guess them.) So you
are probably wondering how unauthorized persons gain access, huh? Well, we
either have inside information or we go trashing. Thats it.
     Right now, however, I am not going to go any further into the subject of
credit unions. Be aware that they exist, and they can help you as well as hurt
you if you don't know what you are doing. At a later date I plan on devoting an
entire file to the subject of credit unions, as I haven't seen an up-to-date
file in years.


Thats about all. I wish you all good luck, and may your adventures be safe and
fun-filled. And if I EVER catch any of you giving out the credit formula (once
you discover it..) I am going to personally fly over and kick your ass.
(remember- I have carded tickets around the country many times. There is
nothing to stop me from visiting YOUR town.. hahaha)

One final note -- VISA is planning on changing their credit formula within a
few years. So if you happen to be reading this many a year down the line, you
will most likely discover that some of this is no longer valid. DONT BLAME ME.
It was valid at the time when I compiled it. 


Credit Card Formats

American Express -- xxxx xxxxxx xxxxx
                     \/    \/    \/
                     /     |      \
                    /      |       \ 
            4 digits   6 digits     5 digits

VISA -- xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx
        4 digits each group

     -- xxxx xxx xxx xxx
         \/  \_________/
         /    3 digits each
 4 digits

Mastercard -- xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx
              4 digits each group

Discover -- xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx
             4 digits each group.


Credit Verifiers

1800-554-2265. Use '#' (pound) as control key.
     Card Type:    10 = Mastercard
                   20 = Visa
     Bank Identification:   1067

     Merchant Number(s): 1411

IDEA:: You all know those sex lines (like 800-666-LUST), well they verify your
credit card before they let you listen. You might try calling one of these and
using it for a while if you have nothing else.


Other Things to Do

1] Plane Tickets

     It is relatively easy to order plane tickets using a credit card nowadays.
And, for convenience, you can order over the phone. Well, look up your favorite
airline, call them, and present them with the situation. You would like 2
executive class tickets to Florida [ Ed. Note - If you live in Florida, make it
a trip to California ] round trip to be billed to your Visa Credit Card. Oh
sure, maam. My credit card number is <blank>. My expiration date is <blank>. My
Name is Joe Schmoe. I live at 223 Hard On Lane, Pubic Hair, PA. Oh, and maam,
could you PLEEAZE hold the tickets at the airport for me. I will present some
identification to pick them up there. Thank you.
     It is relatively easy to do this. But, there are a few catches.

          A.) Do NOT stay for any long period of time at any one place. After 
              few days, the airline will catch on to what you have done. My 
              suggestion is that you stay for only about 2 to 3 days. Or, if 
              you really want to stay for a long time, get a one way ticket to
              wherever it is that you would like to go to. Stay however long 
              you want to stay and take another 1 way ticket home. 

          B.) If you plan on traveling around the country, catch one way 
              tickets around from place to place. And please, USE DIFFERENT

2] Motorcycles

     Again, you would be surprised at the amount of work (or lack of it)
required to aquire motorcycles on other people's credit cards. I believe you
can all see the advantages, so let us get down to the procedure. First, set up
an order under a corporate account. You can find these sometimes if you work in
a store that would use such cards. (Look over shoulders) Well, I will leave to
you the methods to come upon corporate account cards. Once you have them,
finish the procedure. Step 2 is to send an "employee" (yourself or a stupid
friend) to pick it up. Bring proper identification that was issued from the
corporation. (I suggest making your own -- Not very hard). Offer a Voice Mail
Box as your bussiness number. It is very common for a high level employee to be
absent from his desk. Use your imagination for the rest, and tidy it up to
perfect it.

3] Travelers Cheques

     OKAY, I will admit this is getting out of hand, but what the hell -- For
those of you very daring and in possession of a very good form of false
identification (Birth Certificate?), you can easily order some American Express
Traveler's Cheques for your travels around the world. The number to call is
1-800-777-7337. Using your American Express Credit Card, order some of these
"babies" in another name. (For a gift..) Have them delivered as you deem
appropriate. Enjoy them thouroughly. 

carding Turorial with bins and web info

*C* - CARDING>                  /|\


Below are as many BIN's as I could round up. Each one is listed according to
the Banks ID No. (BIN) - which are the first 6 nos. of a CC. (Credit Card).
Of course, the first no. indicates a Visa (4) or a Mastercard (5). Bin's aren't
all that important to know, but can be if you NEED to know the name of a bank
that issued the CC no. you have.

So FYI and bemusement, here's that information-
^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^
 ~~VISA BINs~~
   ^^^^ ^^^^

401903 = Bank of America
402400 = Bank of America
402402 = Bank of America (Gold)
403200 = Household Bank
4040?? = Connecticut National Bk
4040?? = Wells Fargo
4050xx = 1st Interstate
4052?? = First Cincinnati Bank
405209 = First Nationwide Bank
4060?? = Navy Federal Credit Union
407000 = Security Pacific Ntl. Bank    
407129 = Colonial National Bank

411427 = Chemical Bank
412174 = Signet Bank/Virginia
412185 = Citibank/Signet?
41235? = Commerce Bank
4128xx = Citibank
416818 = Great Western Bank
4131?? = State Street Bank             
4170?? = Beneficial National
417129 = Colonial Bank
4188?? = Ohio Savings & Loan

4211?? = Chemical Bank
4215?? = Marine Midland
422591 = Chase Manhattan
4226xx = Chase Manhattan
4231?? = Chase Lincoln 1st Classic     
4232?? = Chase Lincoln 1st Classic
4237?? = Cicero Credit
4241?? = Natl. Westminester Bank
425043 = First Chicago Bank
425330 = Bank of N.Y./Consumer Edge
425451 = Chemical Bank
4262xx = Corestates Bank of DE
427138 = Citibank

4302?? = HouseHold Bank
431068 = Bank-Layfayette/Imprl Svg's
4312?? = Barnette Credit
431301 = Valley Federal S&L
431663 = Glendale Savings & Loan
431772 = Gold Dome
4321?? = Mellon Bank
433213 = Bank of Indiana
433222 = Far West Virginia
4349?? = First Bank of America
436800 = Sovran Bank/VA
438733 = Bank One
438760 = More Bank

440121 = Gary Wheaton
440862 = Charleston of Indiana
441712 = Mellon Bank
442813 = Bank of Hoven
442843 =  " "     " "
44288? = Colonial National Bank
443600 = Security Bank of Monroe
4448?? = First National Bank - RI

46165x = First Interstate Bank
4626?? = Indiana National Bank
4646?? = Mercantile
4672?? = Mercantile Bank
467362 = First National Bank;
467807 = Home Fed Svg's/1st Card
467808 = Home Fed Svg's/1st Card
468120 = Harris Trust Savings
4696?? = Credit of Kansas

4718?? = Colorado Bank
4734?? = Madison Bank

480012 = Valley Federal S&L
4811?? = Bank of Hawaii
4825?? = First Wisconsin
4897?? = Village Bank of Cinn., OH  _________
                                  / Here are  \
4929?? = Barclay Bank/DE         |  what the   |
     ^                           |  holograms  |
     |                           | SHOULD show!|
     |                            \_____ _____/
   *BIN* = #### ## (1st 6 nos.)         Y
     |                                  |
     |     _____________________________|______
     |    [                             |      ]
     ^    |  MASTERCARD INTERNATIONAL___v____  |
     |    |                         [ v+===\*] |
  /--<+-->|  5555  1234  5678  9012 [  |   I|] |
  |       |  ^^^^  ^^               ]  Q   I|] |
  |   +==>|  6512   11-91 TO 11-92  [ /|\  I|] |
  |   |   |  ^^^^                   [_/^\_ I=] |
  |   |   |  JUSTIN CASE MD         [________] |
  |   |   |                                    |
  |   |   [____________________________________]
  |   |
  |   *-==>IBN* = #### (above cardholder's name)
  |        |
  |        |
A>|M/C's   |
==v=====   v
1st-   X IBN.
###### X ####  Bank/Institution Name
^^^^^^ ^ ^^^^  ^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^
5031?? =  #?  -Maryland Bank MBNA

5127?? = 1015 -?

520400 = 1006 -Security Pac Ntl Bk
521142 = 6142?-Chemical Bank
521531 = 6207 -Marine Midland
521795 = 1033?-Manufacturers Trust
5218?? =  #?  -Citibank N.A.
523080 =  #?  -Harris Trust Svgs
5233?? = 1226 -Huntington Bank
524200 = 6066 -Chevy Chase F.S.B.
5250?? = 1260 -?
525400 =  #?  -Bank of America-ca
525402 =  #?  -Bank of America-pa
5263?? = 1263 -Chemical Bank
5272?? =  #?  -Connecticut Ntl
5273?? =p #?  -Bank of America
527706 =  #?  -FIB
52820? =  #?  -Wells Fargo
5286?? =  #?  -Chase Lincoln 1st
5286?? = 1286 -Home Fed Savings
528707 =  #?  -Valley National Bank
529107 = 1001 -Signet Bank/VA
529801 =  #?  -Bank One

5317?? =  #?  -Norwest Financial
5323?? =  #?  -Bank of New York
532903 = 6017 -Maryland Bank; MBNA
532956 = 6017 -Maryland Bank; MBNA
539655 = 7462 -Universal Bank/AT&T
539855 = 7462 -Universal Bank/AT&T

540126 = 6017 -Valley Federal S&L
540193 = 8084 -Fidelity Investors Bk
541037 = 6037 -Wells Fargo NA
541065 = 6785 -Citibank NA
541085 = 6785 -Citibank NA
541116 =  #?  -1st Financial/Omaha
541169 = 1169 -1st Financial/Omaha
5412?? = 6037 -?
5414?? =  #?  -Ntl. Westminster Bank
5415?? =  #?  -Colonial National Bk
541586 = 1586 -HouseHold Bank
541711 = 1711 -?
541919 =  #?  -FIB
541933 = 1933 -Bank of Hoven
541934 =  #?  -Berthoud Ntl Bk
542096 =  #?  -Colonial Bank
542143 = 2143 -?
54224x = 1049 -MHT
542418 = 1065 -Citibank
5432xx =  #?  -Bank of New York
5455?? =  #?  -PSFS
5464?? = 1665 -Chase Manhattan
546598 = "  " -Chase Manhattan

5601?? = 1352 -FIB
5678?? = 1207 -Marine Midland

591210 = 6282 -Wells Fargo

xx= All nos. in series are that bank's.
??= Unsure of full IBN/BIN no.

B> - Authorization Centers - ("AC")

Intro:  Authorization Centers are located throughout the country and are in just
about every financial institution that is involved in the distribution and/or
issuance of credit cards. Of course, Visa and M/C have some as well.

   Citibank, First Interstate Bank and Bank of America all have their own AC's
available to their merchants. There are however many other AC's that provide the
same types of services to their merchants. It is the merchant who is 'really'
providing the services though. It is the merchants responsibility in most cases
to determine that a credit card is valid. On top of that they are also even
offered a whole $50 if they assist in the conviction of anyone suspected of
using a stolen/forged card. $50!! Hardly worth it, so most don't even try....

   One of the quickest ways a card is checked is by accessing an AC through a
card reader. Verifone is perhaps the largest mfg. of these devices, which are
used by most retail stores or restaurants for CC verifications.

   The telephone no. that is called using one of these card readers is the
first one in which I've listed below. You can also log onto this "carrier" via a
a modem, but I've yet to figure out what the necessary input is to utilize this
service on my computer. A touch tone phone suffices however, and the required
input is listed below for using this particular AC (Authorization Center).

   One other thing to note here is that whenever you are at a store/merchant
and using a shady (at best) card, be especially alert to the merchant and/or
cashier when they are getting verification of the transaction. If they use
the telephone and voice in the request for the authorization, then listen
for "Code-10", and if you hear them say this at any time- GET THE HECK OUT!!

   If they use a card reader for the transaction and get something like "CALL
CENTER" on the read out, then remain calm and ask what the problem is, and if
at anytime they are out of sight or on the phone with the center for
any prolonged amount of time, then again- GET OUT OF THERE!!

   A "code-10" is a merchant's signal to an authorization center that they are
suspicious of the card user. If you are using an AMEX, then run out of there
twice as fast, because AMEX calls the police from their authorization center.
V/MC don't usually call the police, but AMEX will use stall tactics while the
police are on the way. (One way is to ask to speak with you and then ask you
some rather lengthy detailed questions, like primary cardholders name, SSN &
Mother's Maiden). You can always just look out the window and exclaim, "Hey!
someone's stealing/towing my car!" and then leave pronto!....

** Use the following telephone nos. before going into ANY store to use a card.
They are worth the extra minute or so to be sure that the card is still valid!

    800/228-1111 = On-Line Auth. Center (300baud)/Touchtone Ok too.
    Merchant No.#Card No.#Exp.Date#Amt# **push the "#" after each entry**
    (Merch No.=A 16 digit-#; 1st no. is 4 or 5 & can often be found on carbons
    just above the merchants name.)

    800/228-2211 = This is the voice authorization number of the same group
    who operate the one above. I am fairly sure that these two are operated by
    M/C and Visa, and I do know that the merchant nos. that work on one, also
    work on the other.  This AC, is also useful for obtaining a BIN no., and/or
    the issuing bank of a particular credit card. Just ask the verification op.
    for merchant services and she will connect you to their information dept.

    800/554-2265 = Bankcard Auth. Ctr.
    For MasterCard:  1067#52#10#CardNo#Exp#$$$$#
    For Visa:        1067#24#20#CardNo#Exp#$$$$#

    800/528-2121 = American Express Auth. Ctr. (Amex only)
    Live ops! - Give: (**Merch#+card#+expdate+amt) **=5041035528
    Merch. No. is for: Popolos Ristorante; 8115 Melrose LA,Ca.  90069

    800/327-3584      Authorization Center for Visa & M/C
    *****  Merchant No. format is: 101 ### ###; #= unknown no.

    800/645-9120      Merchant Service Center for Citibank; NA
     ****** Merchant No. format is: ### ### ### ### (the one I had is no longer

   Glossary of terms used in the preceding text file.

 - Authorization Center <AC> = Voice and/or Data terminal which gives merchants
   varying "approval codes" on purchase requests. Some also provide info such as
   BIN No. and Bank Name of a particular card.

 - Bank Identification Number <BIN> = Issuing bank's identifier. This number is
   assigned by the FDIC, I think. The No. can be found on Visa's (unraised)
   just above the CC number. Some larger banks will have several BIN's, because
   they own several smaller financial institutions that issue credit.
   Choice Visa is one example. They are owned by Citibank, but have there own
   seperate BIN. Another example is First Card, which handles Home Fed Savings
   credit accounts.

 - International Bank Number <IBN> = Bank Identifier on a national level. The
   number is used by various merchants to verify/approve a cardholder when they
   have placed a telephone or mailorder request. It is the 4 digit no. just
   above the persons name, and is only found on M/C's (raised, 'usually' starts
   with a 1,6,7 or 8) & on Amex cards (unraised, usually starting with a 6).
   Though not an absolute, experience has shown that IBN's starting with 6,7 or
   an 8, are usually preferred accounts. IBN's that begin with a 1 or 2 are
   usually found on classic accounts.  (see list above)

 - CV = Classic Account; -these two letters can be found on most Visa cards
   that are "Classic Accounts". They usually have a credit limit of some-
   where between $500 to $5000+, though some can go up to $10,000 for long term

 - PV = Preferred Acct. or "Gold Card"; -usually limits of 5,000-10,000+. These
   cards are 'usually' found on Gold or 'preferred Visa Cards, and are worth
   their weight in 'gold' as well.... Some can go up to $40,000 or more!!

  ++Any additional articles or noteworthy texts to be submitted for inclusion
in the future issues of *CHIP*, should include a handle &/or method of contact
for the author. Though not required, this will help in verifying the info &
assure a timely publish date.

  Our method of contact is simple. Call 800-755-3493, press 9657 before end of
greeting and give us some idea of what you know or have access to and we will
consider your request. The only other method we feel safe with is via a typed
letter sent to: *JC/CA* 15445 Ventura Blvd. #128; Sherman Oaks, CA 91403. We
need more up to date H/P info since this is not our best subject and since
there are many others more knowledgable in this field than we are... So let us
know!  ...Otherwise we may change *CHIP* to CIA! & become Anarchist!... then
again, it's probably too late for that, since we do as we want anywayz..-JC/CA>.

 III.> PART 3:


Hacking Numbers & Carriers! These may also be added to the EXTENDER.DAT
files of most Hacking/Phreak programs, when reliable carrier no(s) are

* Telephone No= Pwd &/or Locale          * Telephone No= Pwd &/or Locale
-------------------------------             ------------------------------
206-863-0015= ?                            800-325-1171= ?
206-863-3963= ?                            800-325-1340= ?
206-863-3700= ?                            800-325-1341= ?
206-863-0426= ?                            800-325-1342= ?
206-863-1150= ?                            800-325-1436= ?
206-863-1183= ?                            800-325-1401= ?
208-772-6134= ?                            800-325-1471= ?
619-723-8996= ?                            800-621-3224= ?
919-323-9888= ?                            800-621-3592= ?
214-263-3109= ?                            800-621-3678= ?
206-825-7206= ?                            800-621-3679= ?
206-825-7598= ?                            800-228-1111= ?M/Card-Visa
206-825-7621= ?                            800-334-4000= ?Message system
206-825-7781= ?                            212-370-4303= Cosmos NY
206-825-6132= Try ctrl-x for prompt        313-855-0203= CosmosMI:ONNERR
206-825-7905= ?                            213-892-7211= Compuserve
206-825-9000= Montgomery Ward              213-355-5241= Electronic News
206-833-5329= Wont connect properly        800-555-8677= Ma Bell
206-825-6234= Oil Company                  800-424-9440= Bank
206-931-4879= Auburn High                  213-932-8294= Secret Service
206-872-4690= Kent High                    405-332-9998= Belle Co-puter
414-476-8010= Milwaukee High               713-241-6421= Shell Oil
206-771-6551= Tacoma School.P/w=VAXE       713-526-0149= Hospital
206-825-7720= Compuserve                   913-343-1042= Calling card
312-499-2100= Sears                        502-588-6020= Uof Louisville
617-683-2119= Hospital                     502-588-6036= "    "      "
800-424-9494= Telenet                      213-417-8997= TWA
800-421-2123= ?                            800-828-6321= IBM Computer
800-558-0001= AGRODATA                     206-828-3598= Microsoft
206-357-7350= Ctrl-data-publishing         800-526-3174= RCA Mainframe
414-354-0010= T.Y.M.E.  Corp.              312-937-1210= ?
202-553-0229= PENTAGON                     206-833-6352= ?
202-697-0814= PENTAGON                     206-833-6364= ?
304-376-2488= Savings & Loan               202-553-0229= T.A.C
313-964-2018= Charge card Association      N/A-950-1288= AT&T Info Service
206-833-6133= ?  206-833-6134= ?         *P/w For Milwaukee High GNIK, Code:4,71
800-522-5465= Lab Link                   **P/w For Ma Bell 948DJU47R
202-694-0004  User Id= Cohen

ABC East Coast feed 213 935-1111

Try this # 206-825-2377, hit return a couple of times and you'll get ENTER
PASSWORD then hit ControL 'U' a few times then hit return. you in
simple.. Or try mashing keys until it says 'ART GAMBLIN - CHEVROLET'...

III.>  PART 4-



What the DMV would rather you DIDN'T know:
<from the Standard Operating Procedures - SOP of the DMV/CA.> 10-01-90

    "...If the applicant is unable to provide a signature within the margin, the
application should nevertheless be accepted, and there is NO need to prepare
another application..."

   ..."Usual signature" means the signature the applicant uses when signing
letters, "checks", etc. It need not correspond exactly to the full name as shown
at the top of the application or photo document & and in fact, seldom will. If
the signature includes a nickname not shown in the full name, or if it differs a
lot from the full name, the employee should indicate "usual signature" in the
space at the top of application.

13.301c: ***important***
   If the applicant's, "usual signature" is "printed", it should be ACCEPTED on
the application.

13.307:  Birth Date Verification

    Any Driver license showing birth date is acceptable in lieu of a birth
certificate (bc). If the bc is unobtainable, certain other documents may be
accepted in lieu of the bc. The acceptability of other documents should "NOT BE
DESCRIBED TO THE APPLICANT" until it is reasonably ascertained that their birth
record is unobtainable.

The following ARE accepted forms of identification as listed in the
DMV Employees Driver License Tech. Manual:
<<< in order of preference.... their preference, of course! >>>

1>.  Birth Certificate or any "certified Birth Record/Registration".
2>.  Driver License, from CA. or an ID card issued by the State of CA.
3>.  All other state Drivers licenses, Id cards, to include Military too
4>.  Any foreign governments D/L and/or ID. Must have DOB listed on it.
5>.  Passports, Visas, immigration/alien docs or reg. cards. w/ DOB.
6>.  Dept.  of Corrections or Youth Authority docs, signed by PA/CS/CAS.
7>.  Driver Education driving permits & training certificates, w/ DOB's.
8>.  Out of State ID cards -NOT necessarily issued by the state's DMV.
9>.  US Census Records.  Auth. by 13007.5 VC; ** contact Census Bureau **
10>. School Cerification (form dl-48); used ONLY when all other forms of Proof
     of ID have been exausted; *contact any local school to get rcrds*. This
     is also an accepted form of ID for SSA (Social Security Administration).

** Note:
   Tax forms are not accepted with any degree of certainty by the DMV.  It's
always best to use what they see "thousands of time a day", since these docs
are usually less scrutinized.

   If you have trouble getting the above docs, then just go to Nevada.  In NV
they take almost every Type of ID known in the US. Included in what they will
accept are W-2 tax forms & 1099 gift-tax forms. Armed with one of these and a
baptismal certificate you can get a NV ID/DL with no problem, and on the same
day as well. NV is one of the few states that accept Baptismal Certificates.
.... and Just'in Case you ddidn't know that, Bap. Certs. can be found at most
at most religious bookstores & supply stores, especially Catholic.

   An added bonus is that they DO NOT fingerprint in NV. You also have the
option of having your ssn imprinted on the ID card, which is helpful for back-
up ID. You just tell them your ssn and they'll include it. One bad thing is
that there is no Exp. date on their ID cards, however there Driver Lic's. do
have exp. date's and are worth the extra "drive" around the city to get. The
best days to go are on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.
  ***Now here are a few additional points of interest to note for the heck of
it, so here goes....

     *= THE =*

II.> Driver Information and the Application.

   Quickly, there are 5 types of forms used by the DMV in processing such re-
quests as DL, ID, Replacement (of either), Computer paper & the renewal appli-
cation form (DL-1RN). BTW, according to this doc that I am sorta copying, it
says that the renewal process will and is being phased out with "the new system
now being installed". *CA has seen perhaps the very first of this 'new' system.*

   Every applicant for an original, or renewal, driver license whose form DL-44
indicates previous driving experience, but who does not indicate or produce a
previous license, should be asked whether he/she holds a regular license from
California or any other state or country. The reason for the inquiry (Sec-12511
& 12518vc) should be "politely" explained. Instruction or learner's permit &
"International Drivers Licenses" are not considered to be regular licenses. If
an applicant over the age of 18 cannot produce a valid or recently (within one
year) expired foreign license, a check by H-6 inquiry <?> to the automated sys.
or Wats Line must be made prior to processing of the application.

+++H-6 inquiry to automated sys OR WATS line sounds like a hacking adventure!..
Anyone with info on this possibility please fill us in at 800/755-3493 x-9657.

 IV.> PART 5:


    Here is a current list of operating L/D Co's, which provide access to
telco. lines across our fine country (ha!)... Of course what makes it so fine
is that with each of these L/D carriers, there is a code that is entered to be
able to access the fine features of each of these fine L/D service providers.

    So someday with nothing better to do, give 'em a try and try out different
access code numbers (randomly), and hopefully you'll be able to make FREE phone
calls in no time. Don't abuse it however, because they do tend to monitor any
high usage on these numbers.

 | 950- |  Code Format   |  Name of Company   |        Comments            |
 | 0223 | 6 digits + acn | Cable and Wireless | Business/calls overseas    |
 | 0266 | 7 digits + acn | Com Systems        | MC/V/AE w/o exp-ok! Hit "0"|
 | 0370 | 7 digits + acn | LDS                | Long Distance Services     |
 | 0488 | acn + 13 digits| ITT                |                            |
 | 0511 | 6 digits + acn | Execuline          |                            |
 | 1022 | 0 + acn + 14dig| MCI Execunet       | Calling card - 14 digit #  |
 | 1033 | 0 + acn + 14dig| MCI                | Calling card - 14 digit #  |
 | 1044 | 6 digits + acn | Allnet             |                            |
 | 1050 | 6 digits + acn | Metrophone         |                            |
 | 1055 | 6 digits + acn | Telesphere         | MC/V/AE ok too!! push "0"  |
 | 1407 | 7 digits + acn | TMC Watts #1 in CA |                            |
 | 1408 | 7 digits + acn | TMC Watts #2 in CA |                            |
 | 1444 | 9 digits + acn | Allnet             | International Access also  |
 | 1555 | 6 digits + acn | Telesphere         |                            |
 | 1621 | 9 + acn + 6dig#| na                 | 9 + acn + 6 digits?        |
 | 1772 | code + acn     | na                 | Voice for "access code"    |
 | 1820 | na             | BizTel             |                            |
 | 1979 | 6 digits + acn | VorTel             |                            |
 | 1999 | 6 digits + acn | ITT                | 800/275-0100 for account   |

*** also worth noting here is that AT&T has a rather interesting 950 number.
It is 950-1288 (1ATT)! It is a carrier (modem) and runs up to 9600 baud, and
is 8N1. Try it out- it ain't easy neither!...

This concludes this segment of the usually unusual ramblings of JC's CHIP
series. As always it has been real cool, sorta fun and never boring. I hope
this file, like no. 01 will help you in the future and provide a bit of pre-
ventive info to keep your asses out of jail... and on that note I say goodbye
until #03, due out sometime around Jan. 01, 1992.- Goodbye,   JC.- JC/CA>.

banks online phon number,online bin look up with phon number

Type of Card Name /               Issuing Bank Prefix        Interbank ID    Phone 
AMEX American Express                 3710                     Green     800-528-4800 
AMEX American Express                 3XXX                               800-528-4800 
AMEX American Express                 3712                     Green     800-528-4800 
AMEX American Express                 3718                     Gold      800-327-2177 
AMEX American Express                 3728                     Platinum  800-528-4800 
AMEX American Express                 3728                     Gold      800-327-2177 
AMEX American Express                 3731                     Green     800-528-4800 
AMEX American Express                 3737                     Optima    800-635-5955 
AMEX American Express                 3782                     Corporate 800-528-4800 
AMEX American Express                 3787                     Corporate 800-528-4800 
VISA Visa Cards                       4XXX                               800-847-2750 
VISA AT&T Universal Card              4000                               800-852-8880 
VISA Security Bank and Trust          4000                               641-228-2343 
VISA Bank of America                  4019                               800-622-0789 
VISA Bank of America                  4024                               800-622-0789 
VISA First Cincinatti                 4052                               414-277-7365 
VISA Navy Fed. Credit Union           4060                               800-336-3333 
VISA Security Pacific                 4071                               213-763-6400 
VISA Bank of America                  4085                               800-622-0789  
VISA Cal. 1rst Union Bank             4085                               800-230-4922 
VISA American Savings and Loan        4090                               800-999-3179 
VISA Westside Auto Empl. Fed.         4094                               253-627-8043 
VISA Manny Hanny(mass+8+6483355)      4102                               800-648-9911 
VISA Atlantic Financial               4121                               800-556-5678 
VISA USAA Federal Savings             4121                               800-922-9092 
VISA Citibank Classic                 4128                               800-843-0777 
VISA State Street Bank                4131                               617-664-4083 
VISA 1rst Interstate                  4168                               307-672-1498 
VISA Great America 1st Sav.           4168    
VISA Bank One of Columbus             4168   
VISA Norwest Banks                    4205   
VISA Marine Midland                   4215                               800-435-4350 
VISA Chase Manhattan                  4225                               800-842-8403 
VISA Chase Lincoln First Classic      4231                               800-242-7325 
VISA Chase Lincoln First Classic      4232                               800-242-7325 
VISA American Savings and Loan        4233   
VISA Core State                       4239   
VISA Nat. Westminster Bank            4241                               800-527-0086 
VISA jkjjj cago                       4250   
VISA `irst Omni                       4262   
VISA Great Western                    4262   
VISA Citibank Prefered                4271                               800-843-0777 
VISA First Union of Florida           4301   
VISA HHBC                             4302   
VISA VNB                              4302   
VISA Irvine Bank                      4302   
VISA HHB                              4303   
VISA Imperial Savings                 4310   
VISA Manufacture Hanover Trust        4310   
VISA Security Pacific                 4313                               800-553-7762 
VISA Gold Dome                        4317                               800-334-1601 
VISA Cal. Fed. Sav./Loan              4317   
VISA North Carolina Nat.              4356   
VISA West Side Auto Union             4369   
VISA Bank One of Dayton               4384   
VISA Bank One of N.Y.                 4387                                800-942-1977 
VISA Bank One of Columbus             4387   
VISA Unisys Fed. Cred. Union          4388   
VISA Sumitomo Bank                    4408                                818-912-2501 
VISA Cal. First Interstate            4411  714-980-3509 
VISA Melon Bank of Delaware           4417  302-995-5769 
VISA Cal. First Interstate            4418  714-980-3509 
VISA Bank of Hoven                    4428   
VISA Citibank                         4428  800-843-0777 
VISA 1st Interstate                   4428   
VISA Western Savings Az.              4429   
VISA Merrill Lynch Bank & Trust       4443   
VISA FootHill Independent             4444   
VISA Citibank Maryland Nat.           4500   
VISA G.M.A.C. Fed. Cred. union        4577   
VISA L.A. Fed. Cred. Union            4654   
VISA First Bankcard                   4673   
VISA Milage Plus United               4673   
VISA Wells Fargo                      4726  800-642-4720 
VISA TRW Sys. Fed. Credit Union       4735   
VISA Bank of Hawaii                   4811   
VISA San Bernd. County Cent. CU       4820   
VISA GE Capitol                       4841   
VISA GE Capitol                       4880   
VISA Village Bank of Cincinatti       4897   
VISA Citizen's Bank                   4911  800-645-7420 
MASTERCARD MasterCard                 5XXX              800-622-7747 
MASTERCARD Associates Financial Corp  5050   
MASTERCARD Wells Fargo                5121 1065 800-642-4720 
MASTERCARD Bank of LA.                5127   
MASTERCARD Guardian Trust of Canada   5140   
MASTERCARD Feather River State Bank   5146   
MASTERCARD Bank of Montreal           5191   
MASTERCARD Security Pacific           5204 1006 800-553-7762 
MASTERCARD Chemical                   5211 1263  
MASTERCARD San Diego 1rst Interstate  5212 4732  
MASTERCARD First Trust Bank           5213  714-983-0511 
MASTERCARD Torrance Savings           5215   
MASTERCARD Marine Midland             5215 6207 800-435-4350 
MASTERCARD Manufacturer's Hanover Trust 5217 1033  
MASTERCARD Golden Pacific Bank        5220 1225 714-983-4600 
MASTERCARD Bank of California         5221 1346 818-965-0881 
MASTERCARD Vineyard National Bank     5225  800-241-0177 
MASTERCARD Upland Bank                5226 2861 714-946-2265 
MASTERCARD Rancho Bank                5227 3224 818-915-1966 
MASTERCARD Coldwell First Interstate  5228   
MASTERCARD 1rst Nat. Sav. Bank        5230 6531 714-982-4016 
MASTERCARD Hunington Bank             5233 1226  
MASTERCARD Guardian Trust of Canada   5240   
MASTERCARD Virginia Nat. Bank         5241 4630  
MASTERCARD Chevy Chase Fed. Savings   5242 1667 800-553-1401 
MASTERCARD Bank of America            5254 1154 800-622-0789 
MASTERCARD Chemical                   5263 1263  
MASTERCARD First Interstate of Neb.   5264   
MASTERCARD Security Pacific           5270 2742 800-553-7762 
MASTERCARD Atlantic Financial         5271 4121 800-556-5678 
MASTERCARD Bank of Amer. MC Gold      5273 1154 800-622-0789 
MASTERCARD First Interstate           5277 1352  
MASTERCARD Wells Fargo                5282 1065 800-642-4720 
MASTERCARD Chase Lincoln First        5286  800-242-7325 
MASTERCARD Village National Bank      5287   
MASTERCARD Norwest                    5317 6209 800-284-0322 
MASTERCARD West Savings Az.           5320 4429  
MASTERCARD Bank of N.Y.               5323 3754 800-942-1977 
MASTERCARD Western Financial Savings  5329  800-635-0581 
MASTERCARD Maryland Bank National     5329 6017 800-421-2110 
MASTERCARD Citibank Prefered          5410 1035 800-843-0777 
MASTERCARD Wells Fargo (West)         5410 1065 800-642-4720 
MASTERCARD Citibank Prefered          5410 6785  
MASTERCARD First Finland Bk of Omaha  5411   
MASTERCARD First Bankcard             5411 1286  
MASTERCARD Sanwa Bank of Cal.         5413  714-627-7601 
MASTERCARD Nat. Westmister Bank       5414  800-527-0086 
MASTERCARD Key Federal                5414   
MASTERCARD Nothrup Credit Union       5415   
MASTERCARD Colonial Nat. Bank         5415  800-544-8205 
MASTERCARD HouseHold Bank of Cal.     5416   
MASTERCARD USAA Fed. Savings Bank     5416 1665 800-922-2092 
MASTERCARD Bank of N.Y.               5417 3754 800-942-1977 
MASTERCARD Sacremento Savings and Loan5418 5310  
MASTERCARD First Interstate           5419   
MASTERCARD Bank One of Northern Cal.  5419  209-996-3500 
MASTERCARD Bank of Hoven              5419 1933  
MASTERCARD Colonial National Bank     5420  800-544-8205 
MASTERCARD Hughes Emp. Fed. Union     5423   
MASTERCARD Citibank Classic           5424 1065  
MASTERCARD Citibank                   5424 1067 800-843-0777 
MASTERCARD Bank of N.Y.               5432 3754 800-942-1977 
MASTERCARD Chase Manhattan            5465 1665 800-842-8403 
DISCOVER Discover                     6XXX All Discover 800-347-2683



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