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Saturday, January 30, 2016


1. Always use Socks5 of the same state if possible same city of cc address. 
if you not have premium account than here are some free socks sites here.
Socks checker here.
Mac address changer here.
2. Always clear all cookies and history of browser before you start carding.
download here.
3. Always make new accounts on the site or ac which have good feedbacks. If
there has been many rejected or declined orders in the account chances of
success are less.
4. Find some easy cardable sites. If you not have download here.
5. Find some Non verified bins as they require no password. if you not have
download here.
6. Check CC if it is live or dead. If you not have checker
some free and paid cc and other checker links downlod here.
7. Always start to card with amount from cc if balance is good than go for big amount.
Sometime you try to card big amount and order not success and you think cc dead.
8. Always choose for normal shipping not fast and high paid courier as it
can be suspicious.
9. If you are carding from international site and cc is of another country 

than choose item as gift and write a good message as "Dear as I am not able
to come on your birtday Sorry for than and Sending you your birthday Gift."
10. If you carding from a International site then don't choose fast shipping
as it will cost you a heavy import duty. I seen sometime in few countries
import duty cost more than Original value of Item.
11.Don't try to use Same Address again and again it may be Blacklisted.
and next orders will be cancelled.
12. It is better to use Drop to for your safety but carefully as there are
many rippers their.
13. Always card items which are of your use or easily resell able. Don't 

card useless item just for in the name of carding.
OK guys I think it will be helpful for you Guys. You can Rep and Thank if I 

hepled you. If anyone copy paste my tutorial than atleast give me credit.

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