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Saturday, May 28, 2016

How to create a new European SSN and/or ID

After reading alot of posts regarding creating a new SSN and/or a new identity, this is my ¨how to¨

First of all! This is only for educational purposes for my Bitshacking community and i never tested this myself ;-)

There are 2 ways the hard way and the easy way.


Get yourself a A++ quality novelty EUROPEAN ID (i recommend scanman for his UK and DE work).

Go to Spain March or April, recommended are costa del sol or catalunya dont go to the mayor cities like Barcelona or Madrid find i nice small seaside resort with a lot of bars and hotels (Blanes, Lloret de mar, Salou are good places to start)

Ok now you are in LLoret de mar a town in Catalunya Spain. Its March and the streets are full with youngster drinking and having a good time!
You will need to find a job! Go to all the bars (there are alot) and ask if they need staff.

YES you found a job! After a few days your new employer will tell you to get a NIF/NIE number, this is a Spanish SSN , your employer will give you a few papers that you have to sign.
With this papers you go to the police station in Mataro (this is a seaside industrial town)
Without a job you cant apply for a NIF/NIE

Standing infront of the Police station you will see on an average day 100 to 200 people standing in line (mostly black due to alot of immigrants from African countries)

You dont have to wait because your european! Go inside, now you see alot of people mostly white applying for a SSN to work a summer abroad.

Standing in the NIE office you see alot of underpaid officers not really wanting to do this job, show them your novelty id.
They dont or want to speak English so dont even bother talking to them if they dont talk to you!
If you id is A+ there is no problem they make a copy fill in a paper make a copy of that to and give you a bunch of papers to take with to a local bank.

At the local bank in Lloret de mar (find a nice small bankoffice) give them the paper and your ID , you now need to pay around 20 euro, you get a stamp on your paper.

After 2 weeks you go to Mataro again and pick up your Spanish SSN, you notice that they dont use computers everything goes by hand!

CONGRATULATIONS your now the proud owner of a spanish SSN.

Your employer will now give you a Contract! Make sure this is at least a 20 hours working contract

Ok, we have a SSN, Contract all registrated to your European nov ID, with this you can open a bank account, rent a house etc, DO all of the above

Ok we now have:
1. SSN registrated to your novelty ID
2. A Job with contract on your novelty ID
3. A bank account with your novelty ID
4. A nice Apartment .
5. FREE Healthcare (your employer pays that)
7. A SSN number that you can use in most EU countries

Its now in the end of September your employer tells you that the bar is going to close the 12th of October, so you will need to find some other work, you can search for work but there is not a lot available due that there are no tourists.
If you found a job take it! and repeat this for the next 3 years! After 4 years you will be eligable for a Spanish passport and citizen ship.


This will cost you some serious money.

Get yourself a A++ quality novelty EUROPEAN ID (i recommend scanman for his UK and DE work).
Go to my office in Spain.

We employ you in our company, and give you all the papers that you need to apply for a NIE/NIF number.

Follow step 3 as mentioned in the hard way (without finding a job, and signing a contract)

Follow step 4 as mentioned in the hard way.

Signing the contract with our company, details will be explained and you can go back to your own country, no need for you to stay in Spain.

After 4 years you will GET a Spanish PASSPORT


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