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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Advanced Credit Card Skimming Tutorial

Hi guys I hope you all doing great!
I believe that everyone heard about credit card frauds and ATM or POS skimming .But how much you know about the way those skimmers work?And what actually a skimmer is?How are the bank cards cloned ?Well if you want to know the answer to even one of this questions keep reading.
A skimmer is a device which read and record the data from the magnetic strip of a card.The most hunted are the ATM skimmers because usual they are build somehow to record the PIN as well.

About ATM Skimmers
An ATM skimmer has two parts.The first is the reader which read and store the dump.Usual this reader is hidden in a fake ATM bezel attached over the real ATM slot.Because carder are very careful with the details like shape ,color or size and the bezels match so good with the ATM those skimmers are not easy to detect.To build the skimmer is not very difficult.Almost all the parts are easy to find and legal to buy.Let's have a look.

Bezel or "mouth" of the ATM is the fake ATM slot.In this bezel are fixed the other skimmer parts.The bezel can be hand made but also it can be bough from sites like ebay. Because selling a skimmer bezel is illegal,seller hide their utility under name of ATM anti-skimmer slot or anti-fraud device.Here is how a bezel look like.

Reader is the most important part of the skimmer.It is the part of the skimmer which read and store the dumps.Same as in case of bezel,the reader is sold online under different names .It can be purchase with amounts between $800 and $1500 ,price depend on the memory storage capacity and the size of the reader.

Magnetic head is the part of the skimmer which in contact with the magnetic strip of the card read the data encoded in the strip.The dump is the stored in the reader of the skimmer.

Beside this 3 important parts of the skimmer ,to build it carder will need just a few more common things like short pieces of wire ,glue ,etc.

Some ATM slot are big enough so a mini video camera can be hidden inside.But if the bezel is to thin and the camera won't fit in it ,then the carder hide the camera on the ATM in different ways,but with the same target,to record the PIN.

Some other way to record the PIN are the PIN PAD or fake keyboard .This fake keypad look similar with the real ATM key and usual is glued .

About POS skimmer or so called Offline POS

Did ever happen to you to try to use your card in a store and after the card is swiped on the POS some error message appear on the screen?The clerk swiped the card in an other POS?Ops,it is possible that the first POS was an offline POS ,a skimming device placed in the store for collect the dumps from the costumers cards.The Offline POS looks like a genuine POS but it not communicate with any bank.It is only used for skimming.So you should pay attention if in store your card is swiped in more then 1 POS.

Mini hand skimmers or Mini MSR

Mini msr or magnetic card reader are some device used to read and record the data encoded in the magnetic strip of the cards (dump)..The smaller mini msr have size of a lighter or even shorter and thinner .Most common places where this devices are used are the places where the card is sent to the counter and the costumer is not there when card is swiped.Such places are restaurants and coffee shops ,where the payment is done on the table.The waiter usual takes the costumer card and goes to the counter to swipe it.In his way from the table to counter he swipe the card through the mini msr.

This is all for today.Stay safe and good luck.

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