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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Backdoors Fully Explained

What is a Backdoor?

To put it more simply, if you have a Backdoor program installed on your computer, a remote user anywhere in the world can:
Gain Access to Anything on your Computer
Log Keystrokes on your Computer
Capture Passwords
Use your Computer to do Everything you Can do on your Computer
Use your Computer to do Things you can’t do on Your Computer
Transfer Files to and from Your Computer
Launch Attacks on other Computer Systems
Leave no Outward Trace that Anyone else Has Access to Your System.

How does a computer end up with a Backdoor program?

Backdoors are Similar to Trojan. They can come disguised as a component of a program. Often they are sent knowingly or unknowingly disguised as games, utilities, applications or other programs.

When the infected program is run, the backdoor will typically install itself within seconds. It will erase the original, and then may run a specific program. The user who has inadvertently installed the backdoor program will not notice anything wrong at all with the installation.

How Does a Backdoor affect my Computer?

Backdoors use very little memory or system resources, so a user will not notice any malfunctions within their system. Backdoors do not make any changes to a user’s computer other than to open it up so that a remote user can “see” into it.

However, a malicious user who can access your computer via a backdoor program can do all sorts of damage. They can read through all of the files you have stored on your computer, capturing sensitive financial or personal information. They can add or delete any files they choose – even erase your entire hard drive. They can also track all your movements online.

How do I know if my computer is infected?

The most common symptoms of an infection are things seeming to happen on your computer of their own accord. Programs will seem to open or close all by themselves. Your computer could reboot all by itself. Your mouse pointer might start moving around the screen without you controlling it.

How can I get rid of a Backdoor program?

The good new is that many backdoor programs are recognised by antivirus software. Keep your antivirus updated and run it often. Install a firewall and keep that updated regularly as well. Occasionally run online virus scans. They could pick up things that your installed antivirus software may have missed.

Software manufacturers like Microsoft are aware of backdoor programs and the damage they do. Periodically they will release “patches” that you can install on your system to help protect your computer from backdoors as well as other types of malicious attacks. Download these patches when they come out to help keep your computer running safely.


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