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Friday, December 15, 2017

In today's article I will be teaching you walmart carding ... And everything you need to know, kindly note that, this is new trick in town and very useful. I will be touch some areas which some of you might not have any idea about it but before I will begin with the main article, I hope you now understand what carding means and how to go about it, in my previous post I made mention of some tips or carding and how to card and how to prevent yourself from rippers..So without beating about the bush let get start with the main topic for today!

Now We Need To Know What Walmart Is:
Walmart Is An Online Store Where People Used To Buy Electronic Appliances ,cloth ,books And Other Relevant Item There On Their E-commerce Store Online.

Now We Need To Know What Carding Is:
“carding” Is Process Related To Fraud, Usually Credit Cards . At This Time Every Shopping Site Or Other Purchase In Site Using Credit Card,which Get Attention From Hackers And They Noticed This Point And Start Using It For Their Benefit.

## Note: For Educational Purpose Only !! ##

Just Follow My Steps!

Step 1 :

Step 2 :
Getting A RDP matching the city/state of cc holder.


Step 3 :
Make Email Contain Credit Card Holder Name (E.g After You Have Created The Email Go To Make a Account, Once You Have A Account Click On The My Account Option And Then Click My Payment Option And Click Add New Card. (Add The CVV You Are Going To Use) Once Card Has Been Added Sign Out, Clear Cookies. Once That Is Done Go Back To After You Have Done This Move To Step Four (Last Step).


Step 4 :
Once You Have Completed Step Three Select What You Want To Card Keep Under $700 (Anything Above 700 Will Go Under Manuel Verification). Once In Cart Click Checkout, It Will Prompt You To Login, Login Using The Account You Created Then It Will Prompt You To Enter You Shipping Address (In This Case You Drop Info) Make Sure That When You Enter Drop Name The Last Name Matches The Credit Card Holders Last Name! (E.g: CC Holder Name : Kevin Jenson, Your Drop Name Will Be Name, Kevin Jenson) Select The Fastest Shipping Method Card It And Your Done!!!!!
[(Don’t Forget Your Doing All This On The RDP Or use socks 5 Matching CVV STATE )]
Enjoy carding!!

well here we go,have you ever thought of carding any item from Walmart? well its very very easy...
you just need to follow the below steps for a good job done!! :emoji_grin:


1.An old Walmart account(not hacked,should be ur own old acct used sometime ago}
but if u have an old Walmart account with email access you can use it as well,

2. CCV

3.socks escort/rdp any state doesn't matter and not necessary to match drop or cc state you can get one in the below

4. U.S.A drop

Well so after you have all this tools.. go to Walmart and login to your old account add any item of your choice to the cart choose whether to ship to home or pickup from store,

Now when u get to payment method,,add your new cc to the account and make the payment,wait for 5-10 mins and your item will be ready for pickup, for ship to home the item will ship the next day..
here are a few bins that actually work on Walmart always for can also kill the cc immediately your order goes through on Walmart, your item will still ship or be ready for
pickup,i have done this myself several times...


Rdp Speed Tutorial 

1. Open Your Rdp Connection Tool "Remote Desktop Connection"
2. On The Interface, Click On Show Options
3. Go To Local Resources
4. Click On Settings Under Remote Audio Settings
5. Select "Do Not Play" Under Remote Audio Playback And Select Do Not Record Under Remote Audio

6. Click The Experience Tab

7. Select Modem (56 Kbps)

Un-tick All The Options In The Performance Box And Leave The Last Two Outside The Box Now Click On The Hide Options And Connect To Your Rdp

Enjoy The Decent Speed!

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