Sunday, 15 September 2019

Hey Guys
Posting New Proof Of The Day - 15 - SEPTEMBER 2019

Note :
Please Do Not Message me if you have trust issues 
i do what i mention , after my work do not ask me to make it available the transfer then you gona send the money my work is clean end pure legit if i am scam i will ask for money first i do not gave you any thing upfront , i do my work 90% complete upfront the 10% remain work i will gave you after payments

Read How We Do it End How We Prooceed

Minimum 1000$ / 190$
Maximum 12000$ /

Dealing Contacts :
1 .
2 .
3 . ICQ : 748458296


  1. sorry i am exited thats why i post a feed back to older transaction page anyway thank you joe you have my vouch now 100% legit person i have ever met

    1. Hello Xubia
      Dont be Sorry i can understand your Excitement
      Thanks for Your Feedback