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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Westernunion Transfer - 18 December - 2019 - PROOF

Please Stop Adding me or texting me with your stories 
if you are serious about work 
then you are in the right place otherwise you have a story with you kindly leave from here 
This place is real not scam or rip you of for some money 
we need long term work peoples not time wasters

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  1. Hi there
    Western union can be quite frustrating when it comes to questions upon questions about the sender

    They require ID
    How can that be bypassed?

    I wan to know how the whole system works

    1. Hi
      if you want the transfer you will send us your original ID
      Dont worry its 100% Safe End Secure
      You collect your transfer with the provided information and notify us when you have successfully collected payment. We then completely delete the transaction from the Western Union network therefore ensuring overall anonymity.