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Saturday, November 12, 2022


How are you hustlers doing? In today’s guide we’ll be discussing how you can skim cards yourself and become one of our Vendor in 2022 (or use them yourself) we pay top $$$ to our vendors for their hard work as we have a list of very keen buyers looking for quality dumps + pins.

This guide was given to us by one of our most prolific skimming gang vendor that provides us with CC data dumps with Track 1 + Track 2 + PIN at

Furthermore we’re going to boldly state that skimming is the most lucrative fraud you can do by yourself. If you have the right equipment and the courage then you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars in untraceable cash in a single year, guaranteed.

The risk of getting caught is somewhat moderate (a little above low in 2022) but if you use common sense, and that’s what we are setting out to address, along with a few tips, so you can stay one step ahead of the authorities, so here it goes:

First and foremost, before you do anything, you need to find the right machine. This machine should be in an area where you can watch it without looking awfully suspicious.

If you don’t have access to pinpad overlays then you’re going to have to use a panel. In this case you’re going to need a machine where the top (usually where the banks logo is) protrudes enough so the pinhole from the panel you mount can see the PinPad, make sure you can reach this high too.

Lastly, whenever you look at the machine then make sure it has a flat or slightly slanted pinpad that a panel can see.

Some ATM developers have wised up and put the PinPads flat, but going up and down. You can avoid these that don’t, but if you have a PinPad overlay then you’ll be fine.


ATM skimmers are most commonly bezel overlays with readers attached and hidden inside of them. If you look at any ATM you will see the card insert. The card insert itself and the piece housing it is called a bezel.

A bezel overlay is virtually identical except it’s slightly bigger and hollowed out for a card reader to fit inside of it while still looking as though it belongs on the machine.

Inside of the bezel overlay you need to attach a reader. A basic card reader should last 20-30 days nonstop before it dies and store tens-of-thousands of cards. These readers record your track data and store them. You need to physically retrieve them and use a cable to download the information in order to review the track data.

A GSM skimmer serves the same purpose except it sends the track data to a phone number of your choice. This is the preferred method of our vendors these days because you don’t need to go back to the ATM to retrieve and download before getting paid.

SIDENOTE: You should always encrypt your readers in the event anyone else recognizes what it is and tries to steal it or call the authorities which can then examine it further to retrieve the data before calling the bank to inform them. If your device is encrypted then they’ll be left with a useless electronic.

WATCHING: Almost everyone who’s new to this wants to leave it on the machine and walk away and retrieve it in a few hours. We can’t stress this enough –“Do not do this or you will be caught eventually.”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do a stake out and it’s not uncommon for the cops to leave your skimmer on the machine so you believe nobody has found it and they’ll bust you when you retrieve it.

The absolute only case where you can do this is if you don’t plan on returning to the area and you have both a GSM skimmer and a GSM PinPad overlay that you’ve tested beforehand.

Keep in mind, though, that if you leave a skimmer and never retrieve it then it will be found eventually and subsequently end up on the news 9 out of 10 times.

Once it ends up on the news then they’ll advise everyone to watch out for skimmers and you’ll have a more difficult time skimming in that general area because people will become paranoid. So again, don’t do this unless you don’t plan to return to the area in general.


When watching your ATM you need to read people’s body language, so for example if someone starts pulling on it a lot or starts looking up at your panel then this is suspicious.

Most people never look up. Think about the last time you just start gazing up right above you for no apparent reason – it rarely happens.

If someone makes multiple passes by the ATM then that’s suspicious.

If you’re watching your ATM and a car parks across the way (or even by you) and nobody gets out for a long time then that’s suspicious.

Just use common sense. In most of the cases (if you suspect someone has discovered it) it’s best to try to pull it off as quickly as you can, if you can, especially if you don’t have a GSM skimmer.

People don’t generally stick around very long.

It’s also wise to have a handheld police scanner with you and our vendors at even place a mini-microphone inside the bezel overlay so if someone suspects it’s a skimmer then they’ll call the number on the machine and/or the police and you can hear them if you have a microphone and you’ll hear the call go out to cops if you have a handheld scanner.

TIMES: Weekends, Saturday nights, Sundays at lunch and dinner will be the most lucrative. Weekdays – 18:00 – 22:00 if the bank closes at 17:00. If it closes at 18:00 (like on Fridays) then we recommend starting at 19:00 always an hour after the bank closes on weekdays.

Banks expect you to do this on a weekend more than a weekday. The reason we recommend starting an hour late is because we’ve been surprised a few times.

Sometimes bank employees will forget something and come back and other times they’ll just stick around chit-chatting. These are your peak times so you should be generating upwards of $3,000 – $5,000 worth of Dumps per hour in a nice rush hour area.

Personally speaking, professional skimmers stick to peak times because they’re taking personal risks by doing this, so they want the most reward for their risk, lets not forget they are professionals and been doing this for years and in some cases decades.

DISGUISES: Right now it’s Corona time so you’re all in luck. Use a sock hat to cover your hair/ears, some sunglasses to cover your eyes/eyebrows, mask because its corona (covid-19) time.

You’re not going to get identified from your forehead. We’ve seen cases in the summer where this isn’t practical you can still put up a proper mask due to corona.

Furthermore you get a professional Hollywood-style mask. Try SPFX or CFX. These masks can run between $800 – $2,000 , but somebody standing next to you can’t tell you’re wearing one.

What you shouldn’t do is just wear a baseball cap and sunglasses. You will get identified by wearing this if you skim in your area because the snapshot from the camera will end up on the news and somebody will identify you.

We’ve seen too many news reports like this, so please take our professional skimming gangs advice and avoid doing it.

Right now is the best time to skim because it’s corona time and you’re easily concealed. Make some cash now, buy some masks, and set yourself up for the rest of the year, we at will buy all your data on very competitive prices.

ALONE VS PARTNER(S): Both have their benefits.

Alone means that nobody in this world knows you’re doing it and if you use common sense you’re nearly impossible to catch.

A partner has their benefit, but only if they’re fully trusted and this is easier said than done, think about when you will stop working with them how likely are they to keep your secret?

This of course is one the infinite amount of questions you should be asking yourself, always have a leverage of some sort over the person you are going to involve and that for your own safety.

Working with someone obviously has its advantages one of the biggest one is that they can look out and if you are using bluetooth (which you should be) under your sockhat they can always tell you if anyone is about to drive up/walk up on you.


Whenever you walk up to an ATM then remember that millions of people use ATM’s every single day. You’re just walking up to one, nothing else.

Park your car several blocks away and walk to your location. We say this because once the bank realizes it’s been skimmed then the Secret Service will get involved and pull the cameras not only from the bank, but also from the surrounding area.

Your bezel overlay should fit perfectly over the bezel itself and it should be hollowed out enough so your reader fits comfortable in it. We at cashoutempire recommend using super glue because paranoid people tend to pull on every bezel they come across.

Use an L shape on all 4 corners, but leave a space in the middle of these L’s so you can get a small flathead screwdriver underneath it to pop it off. Once the seal on super glue is broken then the it will come off without much hassle.


You can use plastic to make panels. They’re open on the ends so if you go this route then you need to find an ATM where the top hangs down enough so you can slide your panel between the sides.

Before you make a panel then you need to measure the distance between the machine so you can cut it to size. Sand it down if there are any marks on the u channel, then match up the color and paint it. Drill a pinhole in it in the area that will be sitting above the pinpad.


Our vendor suggests that they only used one particular camera in their ventures because it works for them. It’s less than an inch high and it’s small enough to fit inside a gum pack. You use a MicroSD card with it and it generally lasts 4-5 hours.

Just search for a thumb gum camera and it should be black and very small and under $40.

Aligning the camera with your pinhole can be a pain. The best trick that they have found is to use a knitting pin with a rounded end (make sure it’s not jagged, you don’t want to scratch the camera lens). Push this through the hole of your panel and make it sit inside the tiny “bowl” that houses the camera (basically press it against the camera lens – the one they use is the same size so it fits), push the camera down until it reaches the panel and let the knitting pin fall out.

Test, test and test again to ensure you’re aligning it properly. It also helps to pack the sides of your panel around your camera with something to keep it from moving while you’re aligning.


Take your panel with your camera and the bezel overlay and do a dry run. Neither the panel with a camera nor a bezel overlay by itself are illegal to possess but still just to be on a safer side we suggest you treat it as if it is illegal.

Test them both out to make sure your camera is able to see the pinpad and the bezel overlay fits comfortably. This also helps because you can figure out the quickest way to slide the bezel overlay on for the big day.


We also recommend super glue for placing the panel, but not as much as the bezel overlay. These can be slightly difficult to get off, but the same principle applies.

Make sure you leave empty spaces so you can get a small flathead screwdriver in it to pry it off.


This is by far the most risky time of the entire operation and where watching the ATM pays off.

If you’ve been watching your ATM and nothing seemed out of the ordinary then you should be good, but you should still check around to make sure you don’t see any unmarked police cars.

Don’t walk straight from the spot you’ve been hanging out at over to the ATM. As we said, if the Secret Service pulls the cameras from the surrounding area and they pay enough attention then that can see you.

Walk around and come up to the ATM another way wearing your disguise. Use the small screw driver to slide it into the side of the bezel overlay when nobody is around and pop it off. Put it in your pocket. This is where coats with pockets on the inside come in handy too.

Next, take your screwdriver and pop off your panel. Reach inside the panel and yank out the camera and put this in your pocket as well.

Our vendor generally uses a shopping bag from a hardware store they bring with them in their pocket (one that’s not transparent) and place the panel inside it with some other stuff so it looks like as if they’ve been shopping.

Walk away and when you get closer to your car then change your disguise a little – wear a reversible sockhat, for instance. Take off your sunglasses and your covid mask. Wear a reversible jacket but make sure your skimmer or camera don’t fall out when you’re changing it.


You can sell the data to us at we have a list of serious buyers who are professional in cashing out Dumps they are experienced and know how to write tracks onto plastic.

If you want to do it yourself then that’s also ok. There’s nothing suspicious about withdrawing money from an ATM in general. Just don’t stand at an ATM and withdraw 20 cards at once on a busy street – this looks suspicious if anyone is paying attention.

If you have an excessive amount (100 for example), then we suggest you do it at several difference machines and drop off your money every so often. Having 100 cards and/or $40,000 in your truck is enough for cops to get suspicious if you get pulled over.

Also it’s very important to keep in mind is that cops may also pull up surveillance from fraudulent withdrawals and see the same figure which makes the case high-profile, there’s a why our Dump vendors don’t use all the data themselves its all about creating false leads to stay on top of your game, for example if you have 200+ cards consider selling 75% of that data to dodge authorities by sending them on a ghost chase all around the country possibly world.

The odds are that there will be a picture of you they’ll post up on the news because it’s the easiest to obtain (vs guessing when you might’ve put on the skimmer/removed it and where).

Likewise, you should park your car several blocks away and walk to/from the ATMs you use. This may be a hassle if you hit up several machines, but you’re going to have $10’s of thousands of dollars in your hands very shortly. Do it right and you’ll be rewarded handsomely for your efforts.


In wealthy areas you should average at least $200 – $400 per card. Generally you can expect 6-12 cars/people go through an ATM per hour. At peak times this should be 9-12 per hour.

In a single hour you can make $3,000-$5,000 ,. In 4-5 hours you can make $15,0000 – $20,000 on average. These are numbers based on our experienced vendors considering you do everything right and sell 75% of your data, obviously the more times you carry out cash withdrawals the chances of you being discovered or identified goes up.


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