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Earn Bitcoins 2022 - 2023 Method 100% Working**


Here we will discuss how to get FREE Bitcoins from different sites. Learn about 16 efficient methods to earn free Bitcoins instantly:

Most genuine websites that allow you to earn free Bitcoin require you to spend money on other things like buying cloud computer mining power, connecting your CPU for mining, playing a game, or completing micro-tasks.

In other words, they offer free Bitcoins as an advertisement for their services. Otherwise, it takes time and effort to get free BTC given its current high value.

This tutorial tells you exactly how to get Bitcoins for free from different sites. We incline to those platforms that are genuine, use genuine free Bitcoins as an advertisement for their sold services, and tried and tested platforms. The most popular way of earning free Bitcoins is through playing online games.


  • Notable platforms like Coinbase, CoinMarketCap, SatoshiLab, are all giving away free Bitcoins.
  • Best methods of earning substantial Bitcoins for free include airdrops, bounties, tip bots, referrals, and shopping rewards. You should try a crypto rewards card that offers the surest ways of earning free Bitcoins, but you need to spend some. A donation, prizes, and giveaways are also other practical methods of getting free Bitcoins.


  • Jeremy Rubin rolled out the MIT Bitcoin Project in 2014 and distributed $100 worth of bitcoin to 3,108 undergrads. 1 in 10 cashed out at a local Sushi restaurant that took BTC for payment and 1 out of 4 had cashed out in 2017 when the project ended. Had all held the coins in the wallet, the MIT airdrop would collectively be worth over $50 million.
  • The biggest airdrops in history include Stellar (distributed $125,000 worth of tokens), ShapeShift ($2 million worth of tokens in 2021), Decreed (over $32,000 in total in 2016), Bitcoin Cash ($4,300 per BCH), Oyster (about $11,000 distributed in total in 2017), and Minerium (a total of $440,000 worth of coins at peak value distributed in 2017)

Jeremy Rubin rolled out the MIT Bitcoin Project in 2014:

FAQs About How To Get Bitcoins For Free

Q #1) How can I get free Bitcoins? 

Answer: The best ways to earn free bitcoins include shopping rewards with credit cards, but you can also try airdrops, referral bonuses, playing games, and participating in trading competitions if you are an expert or beginner trader.

If you want to earn substantial bitcoins for free, continue to read this guide on how to earn free Bitcoins, which includes bounties, a welcome bonus on sign-ups, tips, tip bots, free mining, and faucets.

Q #2) How to get Bitcoins for free daily? 

Answer: The surest way with minimum effort is with tip bots, playing games with bitcoin rewards, and airdrops. You can check Reddit, Telegram, Twitter, and other social channels to catch up with airdrops, or Initial Coin Offering platforms where capital raises for projects are held.

Some people try dumping ways like scams and scamming, but you can also hunt for the real project, giving away prizes for small competitions.

Q #3) Is free Bitcoin real? 

Answer: Yes and no. If you are participating in a demo trading account, for instance, you would get dummy Bitcoins that are not real. However, countless platforms offer small gifts of real Bitcoins if you want to try and test methods of earning free Bitcoins.

Q #4) How do I start Bitcoin? 

Answer: You can start with our list of tried and tested methods, but if you want to buy, check the platforms that allow creating a Bitcoin wallet.

  • Step 1: Open wallet.
  • Step 2: Secure the wallet with methods like PIN, saving the keyphrase or seed, and backing it in a secure place.
  • Step 3: Buy Bitcoin or look for free ones.

Q #5) Is it worth putting $100 in Bitcoin?

Answer: Yes, it is. Bitcoin is currently in 2021 expected to increase in value, so you stand a chance to gain because that $100 will increase in value. However, it is important to consider that crypto is volatile and you should check for methods to protect your value from losses.

Many consider a $100 good risk exposure, but again, that varies from one person to another. Always put 10% or less of your value in a volatile investment. You may also check on the list of methods below, then invest all of it in Bitcoin.

Q #6) Is Bitcoin worth investing in right now? 

Answer: Bitcoin’s high liquidity and volatility make it a perfect investment for those who are less risk-averse and know how to capitalize on volatility.

As of 2021, Bitcoin has gained by over 1000% in value in less than 3 years, which makes it a good investment for those who are less risk-averse. But risk-averseness is not for everyone, so if you feel to cap the risk, just limit the investment to 10% of your investment value.

For less risky ways of investing in Bitcoins, check methods that are explained in this guide before investment.

Methods To Earn Free Bitcoins

Here are some popular and genuine ways to earn free Bitcoins:

#1) Pionex – Using Crypto Trading Bots

While you might want to deposit free Bitcoins on a fiat-to-crypto exchange to convert to fiat, there is a more viable option for traders. Trading it in a Pionex crypto trading robot helps you automate the trading exercise, freeing you from manual trading.

Pionex recently added a feature to allow users to buy Bitcoin and other cryptos using credit cards. This is in addition to users paying via credit card directly on the Pionex website or on the Pionex Lite app.

With the new feature to deposit with a credit card, you can simply sign up, verify your account, log in and deposit. To deposit via credit card, one must verify the account to at least Level 2 by submitting their National ID Card copy online.


  • Crypto-to-crypto instant swap exchange.
  • 16 free in-built trading bots.
  • Buying with a credit card.
  • Huobi and Binance liquidity.
  • FinCEN licensed.

#2) Bitstamp – Using Staking Rewards

Bitstamp does not have a way to earn free Bitcoins or cryptocurrencies unless it gives trading discounts to loyal customers. Loyalty is ranked as per 30-day trading volume per user. For instance, you will pay a fee of 0.5% for a 30-day trading volume of below $10,000.

However, the fee reduces by ten times or to 0.05% for a 30-day trading volume of $500,000 and 0.0% for a volume of $20,000,000,000.

Bitstamp also lets you earn passive income by staking Ethereum and Algorand cryptocurrencies. You can earn up to 5% APY and perhaps convert that to Bitcoin in case you are searching for free Bitcoins. Otherwise, the cryptocurrency exchange allows you to deposit all cryptocurrencies free of charge.

Bitstamp lets you trade 73 cryptocurrencies at less-than-average market trading fees when compared to other exchanges. It is designed for both beginner and advanced traders alike given its features.

Besides, it can be used for institutional-grade trading over the counter. Bitstamp has a special institutional product for crypto trading brokers, neo banks, fintech, banks, hedge funds, prop traders, family offices, and aggregators.

For traders, the platform allows fiat-to-crypto trading, crypto swapping for another, and speculative trading using charts, custom order types, and trading strategies. Traders can use APIs to set up their trading interfaces or deploy algorithmic trading.


  • Advanced charting includes TradingView charts and trading insights.
  • No leverage trading.
  • Withdraw crypto to a bank account within seconds.
  • Deposit real-world national currencies through bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards, SEPA, and others.
    Android, iOS, web app, desktop app.

#3) Tipping Bots And Platforms

The most effective tipping bots I know works on Telegram include SpicesBot, but you get tips in SPICES token and can convert to BTC. Join Telegram and search for the bot. You can also try Tippr bot, a Bitcoin Cash tipping bot for Reddit and Twitter, and TipJar Bot for Ethereum on Reddit.

SoDogeTip works for Dogecoin users, especially on Reddit. Others include NanoTipBot, Stellar Tip Bot, Reddcoin TipBot that works on Reddit but also Twitter and Cointippy is used on Reddit, Twitter, and Telegram.

Tipping platforms currently implementing Bitcoin and crypto tipping include Twitter through their newly launched tipping platform. You can get tipped or tip anyone for their content and activity on social media. Reddit is a very familiar place for tipping with cryptocurrency, though you would have to convert that to Bitcoin.

#4) Playing Online and Offline Games

There are just hundreds of games you can play to win or earn free Bitcoins. In fact, playing games is the easiest and fastest way of earning. Additionally, most gaming platforms have their own in-world currency that can be bought with or exchanged back to Bitcoins.

Online casino games

Multiple online casino games allow earning free Bitcoins. There are certainly many poker or casino games that offer sign-up, welcome, loyalty, deposit, withdrawal, and other types of bonuses in form of free BTC as long as you spend money on them. Getting a Sign-Up or Welcome bonus on these platforms may or may not require you to first deposit money.

  • RealPoker for instance offers a sign-up bonus of 0.0015 Bitcoin without requiring you to register. You can increase it by playing Bitcoin Poker or through 25% offered on referrals. You can play poker and win points and convert them to free BTC. Withdrawing the free BTC is, however, after reaching level 20, which is not so easy.
  • FortuneJack offers up to 5 BTC as a welcome bonus and free spins. mBit Casino gambling site lets you play over 300 games, including slot, classic roulette, and blackjack. The same applies to which also has live games,, free BTC dice game, and which lets you claim 3 satoshis every minute.
  • Crypto casino games that allow you to win Bitcoins for free include, Coinbet24, Duckdice, Bitvest, 999Dice, Bitsler, and Blockchain.Poker. These casino games have spins, cards, slots, or dice tosses which you can play and win free BTC.

Blockchain-based games

  • These games include Blockchain Game, mobile-based CryptoWorld, Free Bitcoin, Alien Run, and Abundance, Super Satoshi, Bitcoin Aliens, which has rewarded a total of 1,090 free Bitcoin coins since starting in 2014.

Non-blockchain-based games

  • These are either combat games or others not based on blockchain but incorporate Bitcoin rewards based on played levels or spoils. The games let you plan your strategy and win free Bitcoin from your playing. Spells of Genesis lets you collect, trade, and use orbs to design gameplay decks and play against contestants to win free BTC.

Quiz games

  • These games let you win free satoshis by answering questions in different categories. An example is Satoshi Quiz in which prizes vary from one quiz to the other and you must be among the three to answer it correctly to share the Bitcoin spoils. You can withdraw after reaching 11,000 satoshis in the minimum.

#5) Mining Browsers And Free Mining Software

Crypto mining browsers

A crypto mining browser like one known as CryptoTab is a sure way of mining Bitcoin on your machine, but that requires using your computing power. Hence, they may slow your computer. It works as a Chrome and Firefox browser, as well as Windows, iOS, and Android web browser app.

  • The Brave Browser allows you to earn free BAT tokens just by using the browser and watching ads as long as you connect a wallet, and you can even connect a website to have them send ads on it and you earn more BAT that you can convert to Bitcoin.
  • Mining simulation websites or games allow users to play against their friends and possibly win rewards. For instance, RollerCoin lets you test skills, complete tasks and missions, and play games involving building your mining empire. On RollerCoin, you can increase mining rewards by undertaking tasks like data center repairs, rent, electricity bills, and air conditioning costs. Every five minutes, the game offers a block reward shared among participants based on their mining power.

Free Bitcoin mining software

By running this software on your machine it will mine-free Bitcoins for you.

An example is the NiceHash’s Miner or QuickMiner for NVIDIA and AMD GPUs or Intel CPUs.


Donate Your Tab browser extension lets you mine cryptocurrency and donate the mined coins to a charity. It is equivalent to donating your computing power from the CPU because the extension uses the power to mine crypto.

  • Donate Your Tab extension uses Coin Hive service, an API that allows for browser-based crypto mining. Coin Hive sends the mined Monero tokens to the course you chose, through the management.

Free website mining plugins

The WP Monero Miner is a web plugin that lets you earn BTC free when your visitors come to your site and by then use their computer power to mine Monero. As a plugin, it can be installed in the backend of a website for mining.

  • Other plugins that allow you to monetize your website include Simple Monero Miner and Monero Miner Pro. Moonify plugin is also installed on a web browser and visitors can mine Monero for you when they visit your site. These are mostly used to monetize websites.

#6) Earning Free Bitcoins Through Bounties

  • Bounties are an excellent way for programmers or coders and non-coders to earn crypto by identifying and reporting flaws in platforms. Many crypto projects offer bounties as part of development, either in Bitcoins or other tokens.
  • Regarding that, check the Bounty0x bounty hunting platform which also helps users learn crypto.
  • Bounties can earn you a hefty amount of Bitcoins.

#7) Earn From Crypto Airdrops

Airdrops are free tokens offered at the start of a project for purposes of promotion. Most projects use it as an opportunity for publicity. These may require you to do some social tasks like sharing links with your social media. Currently, you can search for real crypto airdrops at CoinMarketCap,, Icomarks, and other platforms.

  • Airdrops require you to perform numerous small tasks like sharing promotional content on social media before you can earn anything substantial.

#8) Affiliates And Referral Sites

There are thousands of affiliate programs that can help you win free crypto. The best affiliate marketing work is if you have a busy website and can generate huge traffic. You can then share your affiliate link on the website.

  • On, you can earn crypto in free Bitcoins by referring users to the exchange. Other platforms allowing this include Paxful,, Bybit, Timebucks, Lolli, and Cointiply affiliate programs. Depending on your network, this can generate a significant amount of cash.

#9) Learning About Crypto

#10) By Watching Ads

Examples of sites to earn Bitcoins watching ads include that allows you to win by clicking an ad and waiting a set time and they allow you to spin and win, or refer friends and win commissions. You can also play contests to ad points, which can be converted to Bitcoins.

#11) Through Free Cloud Mining Sites

Cloud mining being very popular means there are sites on which you can earn free BTC either as a bonus or as free rewards without deposit obligations. Those that allow earning of free BTC without investment are Bitland, which offers a 2000 Gh/s bonus ($1) on registration, 0.5% per day, and a bonus every one hour on the free account.

  • also offers a $1 in bonus after sign-up and referral bonus, 111 GH/S and, which offers 500 Gh/s Signup Bonus, 100 GH/S, Clowerty.c 100 Gh/s, and Bluemagic 100 GH/S sign-up bonus. Others include Cloud Bitcoin Miner, an Android and iOS app.

#12) Through Microtasks

These microtasks include surveys and tasks and a user will earn very little amount Bitcoin after completing them. Cointiply, for instance, has paid over $3 million in bitcoin since starting. You also get 1%bonus daily. is a platform that lets people earn Bitcoin and other crypto by completing micro tasks like surveys. It is now part of Coinbase.

  • The Coinbase Earn program also lets you earn crypto while learning about it. You can earn by watching videos about specific crypto projects.
  • Online shopping, downloading free apps, surveys, and video watching – FeaturePoints iOS and Android app lets you earn Bitcoin by doing all this stuff. Storm Play also has surveys through which you can earn free Bitcoins.

#13) By Participating In Hard Forks

Crypto forks happen all the time on crypto projects. You can use Forkdrop and FindMyCoins to keep a track of the latest and upcoming crypto hard forks, through which you can win new coins.

All you will need to do is purchase as many coins as possible before a given hard fork and then when it happens, you get a good share of free coins or tokens for the new chain.

#14) With Physical Exercising Apps

Multiple apps offer Bitcoin or crypto rewards for exercising. They include Sweatcoin, iOS and Android app that lets you earn free crypto by exercising, e.g. walking. Others are Lympo, which rewards for walking or running.

  • Geolocation and exercise games, as the name suggests, have a location tag to win free Bitcoins. Geolocation games like Coin Hunt World let players earn free Bitcoins by tracing blue keys on a map, and you have to move in real life to have the blue dude in the digital map move.

#15) Watching Videos, Ads, And On Social Media

Through Free Bitcoin Android and iOS apps, you can earn crypto by watching videos.

  • Android app BTC Safari, for instance, rewards users for watching ads.

#16) Earn Free Crypto Through Faucets

Bitcoin faucets offer free Bitcoin and crypto after you complete a captcha or view ads online., a well-known security lab, also allows people to earn crypto for free by completing a captcha. You can then withdraw from your wallet.

  • Bitcoinker is one of those sites where you earn a free Bitcoin solving captcha on the home page. Up to 100,000 Satoshis every 5 minutes. They pay directly to your wallet address. Another faucet site is also offers free sign-up tokens and crypto.
  • Other faucets include FreeBitcoin which has paid a total of 199 BTC since its inception in 2018.

#17) Testing Apps And Services

Examples of apps on which to earn free Bitcoins include Storm Play which rewards users for trying out new games, products, and services. On the platform, you can also earn BTC, Ethereum, or Storm cryptocurrency through shopping, and performing micro-tasks like machine-learning, QA testing, and P2P freelancing tasks.

#18) Practicing Crypto Trading Or Simulating Crypto Trading

Crypto market prediction apps allow you to win free Bitcoins simply by predicting Bitcoin’s price on exchanges. You earn money based on predictions. Examples include iOS and Android Spark Profit. You earn points as you play and can cash out once the points are enough (or a minimum of 20,000 points).

  • These games let you earn free crypto by simulating markets and/or learning to trade digital assets. After learning, you can either practice or complete contests to win free BTC. Altcoin Fantasy is very popular in this. It lets you learn by trading virtual cash and winning free BTC from contests. It has paid out more than $25,000 in prizes.
  • With Bitcoin Flip, you can learn to trade basics all with charting and usage of trading tools, then test your strategies against other users.


This tutorial contains 16 methods on how to earn free Bitcoins instantly and daily. There are many ways to earn Bitcoins this way, and we suggest you look at those methods you have a passion for.

If you are passionate about gaming, there is a tone of games that lets you earn free Bitcoins instantly. Airdrops are pretty for anyone, as are other methods.

If you are already into mining cryptocurrency, we suggest trying platforms that offer a free welcome bonus and free packages to mine Bitcoins. You can then upgrade later. If you are a developer or into app testing, one of the best methods to earn free Bitcoins instantly is to hunt for bounties.


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