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Thursday, August 6, 2015


This method will show you how to gain access to someones facebook account using your computer running firefox. Works similar to the android phone method, just has a couple more steps.
This requires:
  1. Install both of the above programs. Open cain and abel
  2. goto configure. Select your wireless card, it should be the only one with an IP address that isn't all 0's.
  3. Goto the sniffer tab
  4. Make sure the wireless card icon is pressed (2nd icon from the left)
  5. Hit the blue + icon
  6. make sure all hosts is selected, and press ok
  7. Routers should now show up in the list. Right click any that show up and choose resolve host name. This may take a few seconds
  8. Now click the APR tab at the bottom
  9. Press the blue + icon
  10. Click on the router in the left box, then select everything in the right box. press OK
  11. now press the APR button top left (its 3rd icon from the left, next to the wireless card icon)
  12. Now open up Firefox, and open the firesheep plugin.
  13. Press the start capturing button
  14. As soon as someone on the network your connected to logs into their facebook, they will show up in the firesheep list. You simply click on them and you'll be logged into their account.
As always, this is for educational purposes only. It is illegal to hack into an account of someone else. Use at your own risk.


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