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Thursday, August 6, 2015


This tutorial will walk you through setting up a Remote Administration Tool (aka RAT or trojan) which you can use to send to your victim. Once they open your RAT file, you'll be able to access and control their computer as if you were sitting at it, download and execute files, retrieve saved passwords, look through their webcam, keylog, and more. What you need:
  1. Download DarkComet from the link above and open DarkComet.exe. If your anti-virus isn't turned off, it may flag this program as a virus. This is just a false positive, because the program is used to create viruses.
  2. Click DarkComet-RAT drop-down menu in the top left corner, then click Server Module > Minimalist
  3. Make the Stub ID whatever you want.
  4. For IP/DNS, put in your ACTUAL IP address, not your router IP. You can find your IP address by going to
  5. Click the "Normal" button in the top left corner, choose a name for your server file and save it somewhere.
  6. If you haven't forwarded port 1604 yet, DO IT NOW. You can do this by typing your router IP address into your browser (usually or and logging into your router. Find the port forwarding option (every router is different) and forward port 1604 to your PC. If you don't know how to port forward, google port forwarding for your router or look in the manual for instructions. If you're not behind a router and are directly connected into your modem, this won't matter for you.
  7. Download and open SandBoxie. This is what we'll use to test the server safely on yourself to make sure it works. Make sure DarkComet is still open, and drag your newly created server file into the SandBoxie window. If prompted, choose to open on Default box. Once the server runs in SandBoxie, you should see a pop-up Dark Comet window letting you know a victim has connected. If nothing happens, you did something wrong (most likely ports aren't forwarded correctly)
  8. In the Dark Comet window, double click the victim that appeared in the list (you). You'll now see all the options available for you in the list on the left.
  9. Now all you do, is send your server file to your victim and when they open it, you'll have full access to them.
NOTE: Anti-Virus programs will flag your server, so your victim must not have any anti-virus software. To get around this, you need to crypt your server with a FUD (Fully-UnDetectable) Crypter. Anti-Virus programs are being updated all the time so a crypter that worked a month ago may not be FUD anymore. You must search around for crypters online through google or youtube, or create your own using the tutorial provided in this app. You may also choose to bind your server to an image file for example, to make it less suspicious, or you could send it using a java drive by. Creating a server is only the first step to successfully hacking your victims, the more time you spend working on it, the higher your chances of success.


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